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Concept Cariostatic Agents
Academic Article In vitro enamel caries formation: argon laser, light-emitting diode and APF treatment effect.
Academic Article Fluoride-releasing sealant and caries-like enamel lesion formation in vitro.
Academic Article Occlusal caries formation in vitro: comparison of resin-modified glass ionomer with fluoride-releasing sealant.
Academic Article Root-surface caries formation: effect of in vitro APF treatment.
Academic Article Fluoride-releasing orthodontic adhesives and topical fluoride effect on enamel caries formation: an in vitro study.
Academic Article Caries formation in vitro around a fluoride-releasing pit and fissure sealant in primary teeth.
Academic Article Primary tooth enamel surface topography with in vitro argon laser irradiation alone and combined fluoride and argon laser treatment: scanning electon microscopic study.
Academic Article Fluoride dentifrice containing xylitol: in vitro root caries formation.
Academic Article Compomer materials and secondary caries formation.
Academic Article Role of remineralizing fluid in in vitro enamel caries formation and progression.
Academic Article Biological factors in dental caries: role of remineralization and fluoride in the dynamic process of demineralization and remineralization (part 3).
Academic Article Enamel caries initiation and progression following low fluence (energy) argon laser and fluoride treatment.
Academic Article Remineralization of caries-like lesions of enamel with acidulated calcifying fluids: a polarized light microscopic study.
Academic Article Surface topography and enamel-resin interface of pit and fissure sealants following visible light and argon laser polymerization: an in vitro study.
Academic Article Argon laser irradiation and fluoride treatment effects on caries-like enamel lesion formation in primary teeth: an in vitro study.
Academic Article Potential inhibition of demineralization in vitro by fluoride-releasing sealants.
Academic Article Secondary caries adjacent to amalgam restorations lined with a fluoridated dentin desensitizer.
Academic Article Role of fluoridated dentifrices in root caries formation in vitro.
Academic Article In vitro enamel caries formation and orthodontic bonding agents.
Academic Article Fluoride-releasing resin bonding of amalgam restorations in primary teeth: in vitro secondary caries effect.
Academic Article Fluoride-releasing restorative materials and secondary caries.
Academic Article Argon laser curing of fluoride-releasing pit and fissure sealant: in vitro caries development.
Academic Article In vitro caries formation in primary tooth enamel: role of argon laser irradiation and remineralizing solution treatment.

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