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Academic Article A tale of two systems: poisoning management in Iran and the United States.
Academic Article Factors related to seizure in tramadol poisoning and its blood concentration.
Academic Article Epidemiological and clinical profiles of acute poisoning in patients admitted to the intensive care unit in eastern Iran (2010 to 2017).
Academic Article Metal and bacterial contamination of illicit drugs.
Academic Article Lead Toxicity due to Ingestion of Lead-Contaminated Opium in a Patient Presenting with Motor Neuropathy and Upper Limb Paresis: A case report.
Academic Article Poison treatment centers in Iran.
Academic Article Hyperglycemia in acute aluminum phosphide poisoning as a potential prognostic factor.
Academic Article A hospital base epidemiology and pattern of acute adult poisoning across Iran: a systematic review.
Academic Article Epidemiology of venomous and semi-venomous snakebites (Ophidia: Viperidae, Colubridae) in the Kashan city of the Isfahan province in Central Iran.
Academic Article Outpatient treatment of the poisoned patients in Iran; may it be a feasible plan?
Academic Article Rice tablet poisoning: a major concern in Iranian population.
Academic Article Clinical Aspects of Opium Adulterated with Lead in Iran: A Review.
Academic Article Severe hypoglycemia following acute aluminum phosphide (rice tablet) poisoning; a case report and review of the literature.
Academic Article A systematic review on status of lead pollution and toxicity in Iran; Guidance for preventive measures.
Academic Article Drug-induced prolonged corrected QT interval in patients with methadone and opium overdose.
Academic Article Chronic lead poisoning in Iran; a silent disease.
Academic Article Methamphetamin abuse a new concern in Iran.
Academic Article Temperature changes among organophosphate poisoned patients, Tehran- Iran.
Academic Article Epidemiology and prognostic factors in cases of near hanging presenting to a referral hospital in Arak, Iran.
Academic Article Recreational use and overdose of ingested processed cannabis (Majoon Birjandi) in the eastern Iran.
Academic Article Diagnostic imaging in body packers.
Academic Article Lead poisoning-induced hypertensive crisis managed by prazosin: a case report.
Academic Article Majoon Birjandi (MB): A rationale for the medical use of a traditional and uniquely processed Iranian folk medicine containing cannabis.
Academic Article A survey of characteristics of self-immolation in the east of Iran.
Academic Article Epidemiological study of snakebites in Ardabil Province (Iran).
Academic Article Brain weight of Iranian population; the first report.
Academic Article Increasing the Risk of Stroke by Opium Addiction.
Academic Article Study of the normal internal organ weights in Tehran's population.
Academic Article A Narrative Review of Acute Adult Poisoning in Iran.
Academic Article Self-poisoning suicide attempts among students in Tehran, Iran.
Academic Article Lead poisoning among opium users in Iran: an emerging health hazard.
Academic Article Simplified acute physiology score II/acute physiology and chronic health evaluation II and prediction of the mortality and later development of complications in poisoned patients admitted to intensive care unit.
Academic Article Prognostic Factors in Acute Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning: A Risk-Prediction Nomogram Approach.
Academic Article Examining of Thallium in Cigarette Smokers.
Academic Article Pattern of illicit drug use in patients referred to addiction treatment centres in Birjand, Eastern Iran.
Academic Article Poisoning with depilatory agents in Iran.
Academic Article Opium addiction as new source of lead poisoning: An emerging epidemic in Iran.
Academic Article Identifying Risk Factors for Drug Use in an Iranian Treatment Sample: A Prediction Approach Using Decision Trees.
Academic Article Survey of factors related to criminal behavior in a sample of Iranian substance abusers.
Academic Article The transition of lead and microbial contamination from adulterated opium to the human body.
Academic Article Comparison of Blood Lead Levels in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease and Healthy People.
Academic Article Vitamin D deficiency and its associated risk factors in normal adult population of Birjand, Iran.
Academic Article Blood lead level risk factors and reference value derivation in a cross-sectional study of potentially lead-exposed workers in Iran.
Academic Article The reference value of blood lead level among the general adult population of eastern Iran.
Academic Article Urinary Metal Levels with Relation to Age, Occupation, and Smoking Habits of Male Inhabitants of Eastern Iran.
Academic Article Thyroid dysfunction: how concentration of toxic and essential elements contribute to risk of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer.
Academic Article Clinical Features, Treatment, Prognosis, and Mortality in Paraquat Poisonings: A Hospital-Based Study in Iran.
Academic Article Take-home naloxone program is a priority in Iran.
Academic Article Comparison of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Folic Acid Blood Levels in Plumbism Patients and Controls in Eastern Iran.
Academic Article The effects of opium on the cardiovascular system: a review of side effects, uses, and potential mechanisms.
Academic Article Correction to: Comparison of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Folic Acid Blood Levels in Plumbism Patients and Controls in Eastern Iran.
Academic Article Toll of acute methanol poisoning for preventing COVID-19.
Academic Article A Preliminary Report on the Largest Ongoing Outbreak of Lead Toxicity in Iran.
Academic Article Blood lead concentration and its associated factors in preschool children in eastern Iran: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Assessing Heavy Metal Burden Among Cigarette Smokers and Non-smoking Individuals in Iran: Cluster Analysis and Principal Component Analysis.
Academic Article Association between trace element concentrations in cancerous and non-cancerous tissues with the risk of gastrointestinal cancers in Eastern Iran.
Academic Article A systematic review of clinical and laboratory findings of lead poisoning: lessons from case reports.
Academic Article Comparison of Thyroid Function in Lead-Poisoned Patients and Healthy Individuals in Eastern Iran.

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