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Academic Article Physician distribution and access: workforce priorities.
Academic Article Why there must be room for mental health in the medical home.
Academic Article Family physician participation in maintenance of certification.
Academic Article What services do family physicians provide in a time of primary care transition?
Academic Article Trends in physician supply and population growth.
Academic Article Better integration of mental health care improves depression screening and treatment in primary care.
Concept Physician Assistants
Concept Hospital-Physician Relations
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Practice Patterns, Physicians'
Concept Physician Incentive Plans
Concept Physicians, Family
Concept Physician's Role
Concept Physicians
Concept Osteopathic Physicians
Academic Article Historic growth rates vary widely across the primary care physician disciplines.
Academic Article Sponsoring Institutions with Five or Fewer Residency Programs Produce a Larger Proportion of General Internists and Family Physicians.
Concept Physicians, Primary Care
Academic Article One in fifteen family physicians principally provide emergency or urgent care.
Academic Article Solo and Small Practices: A Vital, Diverse Part of Primary Care.
Academic Article More Comprehensive Care Among Family Physicians is Associated with Lower Costs and Fewer Hospitalizations.
Academic Article Trends in office-based care for reproductive-aged women according to physician specialty: a ten-year study.
Academic Article Family physicians' present and future role in caring for older patients.
Academic Article Shifting tides in the emigration patterns of Canadian physicians to the United States: a cross-sectional secondary data analysis.
Academic Article Refocusing geriatricians' role in training to improve care for older adults.
Academic Article The changing landscape of primary care HPSAs and the influence on practice location.
Academic Article Family medicine graduate proximity to their site of training: policy options for improving the distribution of primary care access.
Academic Article Unequal distribution of the U.S. primary care workforce.
Academic Article Accounting for graduate medical education production of primary care physicians and general surgeons: timing of measurement matters.
Academic Article Greater NIH investment in family medicine would help both achieve their missions.
Academic Article Having a usual source of care reduces ED visits.
Academic Article Family Physicians Contribute Significantly to Emergency Care of Medicare Patients in Urban and Suburban Areas.
Academic Article Projecting US primary care physician workforce needs: 2010-2025.
Academic Article Greater family medicine presence at NIH can improve research relevance and reach.
Academic Article When Do Primary Care Physicians Retire? Implications for Workforce Projections.
Academic Article Graduates of Teaching Health Centers Are More Likely to Enter Practice in the Primary Care Safety Net.
Academic Article Rural Family Physicians Are Twice as Likely to Use Telehealth as Urban Family Physicians.
Academic Article Graham Center policy one-pager. Loss of primary care residency positions amidst growth in other specialties.
Academic Article Which family physicians work routinely with nurse practitioners, physician assistants or certified nurse midwives.
Academic Article Family Medicine: An Underutilized Resource in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic?
Academic Article Office Visits for Women Aged 45-64 Years According to Physician Specialties.
Academic Article Is NIH research funding to medical schools associated with more family physicians?
Academic Article How well do family physicians manage skin lesions?
Academic Article Reported practice patterns among family physicians with a geriatrics certificate of added qualifications.
Academic Article Fewer Americans Report a Personal Physician as Their Usual Source of Health Care.
Academic Article Decreasing self-perceived health status despite rising health expenditures.
Academic Article Increasing graduate medical education (GME) in critical access hospitals (CAH) could enhance physician recruitment and retention in rural America.
Academic Article Comprehensive medical school rural programs produce rural family physicians.
Academic Article Primary Care Physicians Are More Likely to Participate in Medicare EHR Incentives than Other Eligible Physicians.
Academic Article Relying on NPs and PAs does not avoid the need for policy solutions for primary care.
Academic Article Medical school rural programs: a comparison with international medical graduates in addressing state-level rural family physician and primary care supply.
Academic Article Estimating the residency expansion required to avoid projected primary care physician shortages by 2035.
Academic Article Higher Primary Care Physician Continuity is Associated With Lower Costs and Hospitalizations.
Academic Article Family Physicians Practicing High-Volume Obstetric Care Have Recently Dropped by One-Half.
Academic Article Mobility of US Rural Primary Care Physicians During 2000-2014.
Academic Article Primary care's ecologic impact on obesity.
Academic Article Do residents who train in safety net settings return for practice?
Academic Article The social mission of medical education: ranking the schools.
Academic Article Changes in Primary Care Graduate Medical Education Are Not Correlated With Indicators of Need: Are States Missing an Opportunity to Strengthen Their Primary Care Workforce?
Academic Article Smaller Practices Are Less Likely to Report PCMH Certification.
Academic Article The Imperative of Teaching Cost Consciousness in Graduate Medical Education.
Academic Article Migration after family medicine residency: 56% of graduates practice within 100 miles of training.
Academic Article Family physicians are essential for mental health care delivery.
Academic Article Income disparities shape medical student specialty choice.
Academic Article The continued importance of small practices in the primary care landscape.
Academic Article Primary Care Physician Characteristics Associated with Low Value Care Spending.
Academic Article In reply.
Academic Article Using Drug Prescribing Patterns to Identify Stewards of Cost-Conscious Care.
Academic Article Access to Primary Care in US Counties Is Associated with Lower Obesity Rates.
Academic Article Retirement Age Ranges from Clinical Practice of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physicians.
Academic Article Factors influencing family physicians' contribution to the child health care workforce.
Academic Article Ecology of health care: the need to address low utilization in American Indians/Alaska Natives.
Academic Article The Canadian contribution to the US physician workforce.
Academic Article Osteopathic schools are producing more graduates, but fewer are practicing in primary care.
Academic Article Shifting sources of U.S. Primary care physicians.
Academic Article The Effects of Training Institution Practice Costs, Quality, and Other Characteristics on Future Practice.
Academic Article Most family physicians work routinely with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or certified nurse midwives.
Academic Article Only 15% of FPs Report Using Telehealth; Training and Lack of Reimbursement Are Top Barriers.
Academic Article Provision of Palliative Care Services by Family Physicians Is Common.
Academic Article Spending patterns in region of residency training and subsequent expenditures for care provided by practicing physicians for Medicare beneficiaries.
Academic Article Regional Variation in Primary Care Involvement at the End of Life.
Academic Article High-Deductible Plans May Reduce Ambulatory Care Use.
Academic Article Trends in family physicians performing deliveries, 2003-2010.
Academic Article A perfect storm: changes impacting Medicare threaten primary care access in underserved areas.
Academic Article Are Time-Limited Grants Likely to Stimulate Sustained Growth in Primary Care Residency Training? A Study of the Primary Care Residency Expansion Program.
Academic Article Projected impact of the Primary Care Residency Expansion program using historical trends in graduate placement.
Academic Article Characteristics of Young Family Physician Hospitalists.
Academic Article Opting out of medicaid expansion may cost States additional primary care physicians.
Academic Article Predictors of Attrition From Family Medicine Board Certification.
Academic Article Family Physicians Report Considerable Interest in, but Limited Use of, Telehealth Services.
Academic Article Toward graduate medical education (GME) accountability: measuring the outcomes of GME institutions.
Academic Article Measuring the attractiveness of rural communities in accounting for differences of rural primary care workforce supply.
Academic Article Accounting for complexity: aligning current payment models with the breadth of care by different specialties.
Academic Article Changing patient health-risk behavior requires new investment in primary care.
Academic Article Family Physicians' Contributions to Rural Emergency Care and Urban Urgent Care.
Academic Article Family Medicine's Contribution to the HIV Workforce.
Academic Article Proportional Erosion of the Primary Care Physician Workforce Has Continued Since 2010.
Academic Article Residency Program Characteristics and Individual Physician Practice Characteristics Associated With Family Physician Scope of Practice.
Academic Article Accountable Care Organizations Serving Deprived Communities Are Less Likely to Share in Savings.
Academic Article The Declining Presence of Family Physicians in Hospital-Based Care.
Academic Article Characteristics of Office-Based Buprenorphine Prescribers for Medicare Patients.
Academic Article Primary Care's Historic Role in Vaccination and Potential Role in COVID-19 Immunization Programs.
Academic Article Proportion of Family Physicians in Solo and Small Practices is on the Decline.
Academic Article Family Physicians Continue to Offer the Most Comprehensive Care.
Academic Article Physician Employment Eclipses Practice Ownership: The Ongoing Trend and Its Effect on Family Medicine.
Academic Article State-Level Variation in Primary Care Physician Density.
Academic Article Patient-Physician Racial Concordance Associated with Improved Healthcare Use and Lower Healthcare Expenditures in Minority Populations.
Academic Article Using Machine Learning to Predict Primary Care and Advance Workforce Research.
Academic Article Gender Differences in Reported Weekly Work Hours Among Family Physicians.
Academic Article A Cross-Sectional Study of Factors Associated With Pediatric Scope of Care in Family Medicine.
Academic Article Correction to: Patient-Physician Racial Concordance Associated with Improved Healthcare Use and Lower Healthcare Expenditures in Minority Populations.

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