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Concept Janus Kinase 1
Concept Janus Kinase 3
Academic Article Cutting edge: two distinct mechanisms lead to impaired T cell homeostasis in Janus kinase 3- and CTLA-4-deficient mice.
Academic Article The role of Jak3 in lymphoid development, activation, and signaling.
Academic Article T cells from Jak3-deficient mice have intact TCR signaling, but increased apoptosis.
Academic Article T cell development and activation in Jak3-deficient mice.
Academic Article Janus-kinase-3-dependent signals induce chromatin remodeling at the Ifng locus during T helper 1 cell differentiation.
Academic Article Cell cycle progression following naive T cell activation is independent of Jak3/common gamma-chain cytokine signals.
Academic Article Defects in B lymphocyte maturation and T lymphocyte activation in mice lacking Jak3.
Academic Article Genomic structure and promoter region of the murine Janus-family tyrosine kinase, Jak3.
Academic Article A profound deficiency in thymic progenitor cells in mice lacking Jak3.
Academic Article Murine JAK3 is preferentially expressed in hematopoietic tissues and lymphocyte precursor cells.
Academic Article Homodimerization of interleukin-4 receptor alpha chain can induce intracellular signaling.
Academic Article Peripheral expression of Jak3 is required to maintain T lymphocyte function.
Academic Article Interleukin 7 receptor control of T cell receptor gamma gene rearrangement: role of receptor-associated chains and locus accessibility.
Academic Article The role of cytokine receptor signaling in lymphocyte development.
Academic Article Dysregulated myelopoiesis in mice lacking Jak3.
Academic Article The Jak family tyrosine kinase Jak3 is required for IL-2 synthesis by naive/resting CD4+ T cells.
Academic Article Cutting edge: an alternative pathway of CD4+ T cell differentiation is induced following activation in the absence of gamma-chain-dependent cytokine signals.

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