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Concept Genetic Engineering
Concept Protein Engineering
Academic Article Controlling the self-assembly of a filamentous hyperthermophilic chaperone by an engineered capping protein.
Academic Article Computational design of proteins targeting the conserved stem region of influenza hemagglutinin.
Academic Article Tying up the loose ends: circular permutation decreases the proteolytic susceptibility of recombinant proteins.
Academic Article Pro region engineering of nerve growth factor by deep mutational scanning enables a yeast platform for conformational epitope mapping of anti-NGF monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Removal and upgrading of lignocellulosic fermentation inhibitors by in situ biocatalysis and liquid-liquid extraction.
Academic Article Insights into cellulase-lignin non-specific binding revealed by computational redesign of the surface of green fluorescent protein.
Academic Article The interrelationship between promoter strength, gene expression, and growth rate.
Academic Article Rational shape engineering of the filamentous protein gamma prefoldin through incremental gene truncation.
Academic Article Deep sequencing methods for protein engineering and design.
Grant The influence of evolutionary landscapes on protective antibody development
Academic Article Data-driven engineering of protein therapeutics.
Academic Article An Automated Data-Driven Pipeline for Improving Heterologous Enzyme Expression.
Concept Metabolic Engineering
Grant Engineering Long ssDNA for Genome Editing Applications
Academic Article User-defined single pot mutagenesis using unamplified oligo pools.
Academic Article Saturation Mutagenesis Genome Engineering of Infective FX174 Bacteriophage via Unamplified Oligo Pools and Golden Gate Assembly.
Academic Article The importance and future of biochemical engineering.
Academic Article Facile Assembly of Combinatorial Mutagenesis Libraries Using Nicking Mutagenesis.
Academic Article Engineering SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies for increased potency and reduced viral escape pathways.
Academic Article Design and engineering of genetically encoded protein biosensors for small molecules.

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