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Academic Article Initiatorless Photopolymerization of Liquid Crystal Monomers.
Academic Article Voxel resolution in the directed self-assembly of liquid crystal polymer networks and elastomers.
Academic Article Electrical Control of Shape in Voxelated Liquid Crystalline Polymer Nanocomposites.
Academic Article Topography from topology: photoinduced surface features generated in liquid crystal polymer networks.
Academic Article Thermally induced, multicolored hyper-reflective cholesteric liquid crystals.
Academic Article Blue-shifting tuning of the selective reflection of polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals.
Academic Article Actuating materials. Voxelated liquid crystal elastomers.
Academic Article Photosensitivity of reflection notch tuning and broadening in polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals.
Academic Article Photoinduced hyper-reflective cholesteric liquid crystals enabled via surface initiated photopolymerization.
Academic Article Mechanism of electrically induced photonic band gap broadening in polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropies.
Academic Article Electrically Reconfigurable Liquid Crystalline Mirrors.
Academic Article Non-uniform helix unwinding of cholesteric liquid crystals in cells with interdigitated electrodes.
Academic Article Dynamic, infrared bandpass filters prepared from polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals.
Academic Article Contactless, photoinitiated snap-through in azobenzene-functionalized polymers.
Academic Article Photostimulated control of laser transmission through photoresponsive cholesteric liquid crystals.

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