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Concept Osteogenesis
Academic Article Growth plate chondrocyte maturation is regulated by basal intracellular calcium.
Academic Article PGE2 inhibits chondrocyte differentiation through PKA and PKC signaling.
Academic Article Obesity/type 2 diabetes increases inflammation, periosteal reactive bone formation, and osteolysis during Staphylococcus aureus implant-associated bone infection.
Academic Article Beta-catenin, cartilage, and osteoarthritis.
Academic Article High-fat diet causes bone loss in young mice by promoting osteoclastogenesis through alteration of the bone marrow environment.
Academic Article Environmental agents affect skeletal growth and development.
Academic Article Smad1 plays an essential role in bone development and postnatal bone formation.
Academic Article Inhibition of beta-catenin signaling by Pb leads to incomplete fracture healing.
Academic Article Reduced COX-2 expression in aged mice is associated with impaired fracture healing.
Academic Article Evaluation of dense polylactic acid/beta-tricalcium phosphate scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Cartilage-specific RBPj?-dependent and -independent Notch signals regulate cartilage and bone development.
Academic Article Fibroblasts express RANKL and support osteoclastogenesis in a COX-2-dependent manner after stimulation with titanium particles.
Academic Article Murine and chicken chondrocytes regulate osteoclastogenesis by producing RANKL in response to BMP2.
Academic Article Overexpression of Smurf2 stimulates endochondral ossification through upregulation of beta-catenin.
Academic Article Regulation of embryonic endochondral ossification by Smurf2.
Academic Article Regulation of chondrogenesis and chondrocyte differentiation by stress.
Academic Article Parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP) inhibits Runx2 expression through the PKA signaling pathway.
Grant Mechanism of Nicotine Action in the Healing Skeleton

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