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Concept Cartilage, Articular
Academic Article TAK1 regulates SOX9 expression in chondrocytes and is essential for postnatal development of the growth plate and articular cartilages.
Academic Article Establishment of an index with increased sensitivity for assessing murine arthritis.
Academic Article Inhibition of beta-catenin signaling in articular chondrocytes results in articular cartilage destruction.
Academic Article High-fat diet accelerates progression of osteoarthritis after meniscal/ligamentous injury.
Academic Article A dual role for NOTCH signaling in joint cartilage maintenance and osteoarthritis.
Academic Article CCN1 Regulates Chondrocyte Maturation and Cartilage Development.
Academic Article Smurf2 induces degradation of GSK-3beta and upregulates beta-catenin in chondrocytes: a potential mechanism for Smurf2-induced degeneration of articular cartilage.
Academic Article Extraction of high-quality RNA from human articular cartilage.
Academic Article DNA methyltransferase 3b regulates articular cartilage homeostasis by altering metabolism.
Academic Article Activation of beta-catenin signaling in articular chondrocytes leads to osteoarthritis-like phenotype in adult beta-catenin conditional activation mice.
Academic Article Notch signaling in postnatal joint chondrocytes, but not subchondral osteoblasts, is required for articular cartilage and joint maintenance.
Academic Article RBP-J?-dependent Notch signaling is required for murine articular cartilage and joint maintenance.
Academic Article Lead induces an osteoarthritis-like phenotype in articular chondrocytes through disruption of TGF-? signaling.
Academic Article Daily oral consumption of hydrolyzed type 1 collagen is chondroprotective and anti-inflammatory in murine posttraumatic osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Teriparatide as a chondroregenerative therapy for injury-induced osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Distribution and alteration of lymphatic vessels in knee joints of normal and osteoarthritic mice.
Academic Article Chondrocyte-Specific RUNX2 Overexpression Accelerates Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis Progression in Adult Mice.
Academic Article Surgical Induction of Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis in the Mouse.
Academic Article Paroxetine-mediated GRK2 inhibition is a disease-modifying treatment for osteoarthritis.

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