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Academic Article Red blood cell storage in SAGM and AS3: a comparison through the membrane two-dimensional electrophoresis proteome.
Academic Article Red blood cell storage in additive solution-7 preserves energy and redox metabolism: a metabolomics approach.
Academic Article CO2 -dependent metabolic modulation in red blood cells stored under anaerobic conditions.
Academic Article Red blood cell metabolic responses to refrigerated storage, rejuvenation, and frozen storage.
Academic Article Rejuvenation capacity of red blood cells in additive solutions over long-term storage.
Academic Article Exploratory in vitro study of red blood cell storage containers formulated with an alternative plasticizer.
Academic Article Additive solution-7 reduces the red blood cell cold storage lesion.
Academic Article Overnight, room temperature hold of whole blood followed by 42-day storage of red blood cells in additive solution-7.
Academic Article A flow cytometric method for detection and enumeration of low-level, residual red blood cells in platelets and mononuclear cell products.
Academic Article Metabolomics of ADSOL (AS-1) red blood cell storage.
Academic Article Stored red blood cell viability is maintained after treatment with a second-generation S-303 pathogen inactivation process.
Academic Article Automated collection of double red blood cell units with a variable-volume separation chamber.
Academic Article Retrograde patient blood flow and rouleaux preventing red blood cell transfusion.
Academic Article Deterioration of red blood cell mechanical properties is reduced in anaerobic storage.
Academic Article Anaerobic storage of red blood cells in a novel additive solution improves in vivo recovery.
Academic Article Metabolic pathways that correlate with post-transfusion circulation of stored murine red blood cells.
Academic Article Methylation of protein aspartates and deamidated asparagines as a function of blood bank storage and oxidative stress in human red blood cells.
Academic Article Impact of taurine on red blood cell metabolism and implications for blood storage.
Academic Article Nicotine exposure increases markers of oxidant stress in stored red blood cells from healthy donor volunteers.
Academic Article Blood donor obesity is associated with changes in red blood cell metabolism and susceptibility to hemolysis in cold storage and in response to osmotic and oxidative stress.
Academic Article Blood donor exposome and impact of common drugs on red blood cell metabolism.
Academic Article Toxic masculinity in red blood cell units? Testosterone therapy in blood donors revisited.
Academic Article Cryopreservation of rare pediatric red blood cells for support following bone marrow transplant.

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