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Concept Rats, Long-Evans
Academic Article Dose-dependent differences in short ultrasonic vocalizations emitted by rats during cocaine self-administration.
Academic Article Sensitivity to self-administered cocaine within the lateral preoptic-rostral lateral hypothalamic continuum.
Academic Article Evidence for learned skill during cocaine self-administration in rats.
Academic Article Effects of varying reinforcement probability on pavlovian approach behavior and ultrasonic vocalizations in rats.
Academic Article Evidence for habitual and goal-directed behavior following devaluation of cocaine: a multifaceted interpretation of relapse.
Academic Article Olfactory tubercle neurons exhibit slow-phasic firing patterns during cocaine self-administration.
Academic Article Decreased firing of striatal neurons related to licking during acquisition and overtraining of a licking task.
Academic Article Absence of cue-evoked firing in rat dorsolateral striatum neurons.
Academic Article Differential roles of ventral pallidum subregions during cocaine self-administration behaviors.
Academic Article Rat ultrasonic vocalizations demonstrate that the motivation to contextually reinstate cocaine-seeking behavior does not necessarily involve a hedonic response.
Academic Article Rapid phasic activity of ventral pallidal neurons during cocaine self-administration.
Academic Article Slow phasic and tonic activity of ventral pallidal neurons during cocaine self-administration.

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