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Concept User-Computer Interface
Concept Surgery, Computer-Assisted
Concept Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Computer-Aided Design
Academic Article Design and implementation of handheld and desktop software for the structured reporting of hepatic masses using the LI-RADS schema.
Academic Article Effect of injection rate on contrast-enhanced MR angiography image quality: Modulation transfer function analysis.
Academic Article Maximizing contrast-to-noise ratio in ultra-high resolution peripheral MR angiography using a blood pool agent and parallel imaging.
Academic Article Highly accelerated first-pass contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the peripheral vasculature: comparison of gadofosveset trisodium with gadopentetate dimeglumine contrast agents.
Academic Article Human whole blood 1 H2 O transverse relaxation with gadolinium-based contrast reagents: Magnetic susceptibility and transmembrane water exchange.
Academic Article Evaluation of a tailored injection profile (TIP) algorithm for uniform contrast-enhanced signal intensity profiles in MR angiography.
Academic Article Non-contrast-enhanced MR imaging of renal artery stenosis at 1.5 tesla.
Academic Article Use of a three-station phased array coil to improve peripheral contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography.
Academic Article Parallel imaging in MR angiography.
Academic Article Patient-specific timing for bolus-chase peripheral MR angiography.
Academic Article Steady-state free precession MRA of the renal arteries: breath-hold and navigator-gated techniques vs. CE-MRA.
Academic Article Measuring aortic diameter with different MR techniques: comparison of three-dimensional (3D) navigated steady-state free-precession (SSFP), 3D contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (CE-MRA), 2D T2 black blood, and 2D cine SSFP.
Academic Article The effects of incomplete breath-holding on 3D MR image quality.
Academic Article 3D contrast-enhanced MR angiography.
Academic Article Motion of the distal renal artery during three-dimensional contrast-enhanced breath-hold MRA.
Academic Article MR lymphangiography: How i do it.
Academic Article Assessment of the liver strain among cirrhotic and normal livers using tagged MRI.
Academic Article Referenceless acquisition of phase-sensitive inversion-recovery with decisive reconstruction (RAPID) imaging.
Academic Article 3D printing from MRI Data: Harnessing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
Academic Article Navigator-gated MR angiography of the renal arteries: a potential screening tool for renal artery stenosis.
Academic Article The effects of time varying intravascular signal intensity and k-space acquisition order on three-dimensional MR angiography image quality.
Academic Article 3D true-phase polarity recovery with independent phase estimation using three-tier stacks based region growing (3D-TRIPS).
Academic Article Optimizing three-dimensional gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography. Original investigation.
Academic Article Separation of arteries and veins using flow-induced phase effects in contrast-enhanced MRA of the lower extremities.
Academic Article CT Detectability of Small Low-Contrast Hypoattenuating Focal Lesions: Iterative Reconstructions versus Filtered Back Projection.
Academic Article Computer-assisted evaluation of contrast kinetics for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma on magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Reader and platform reproducibility for quantitative assessment of carotid atherosclerotic plaque using 1.5T Siemens, Philips, and General Electric scanners.
Academic Article Implications of SENSE MR in routine clinical practice.

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