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Concept Prospective Studies
Academic Article Return to Physical Activity Timing and Dual-Task Gait Stability Are Associated 2 Months Following Concussion.
Academic Article Single-leg postural stability deficits following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in pediatric and adolescent athletes.
Academic Article Return to activity after concussion affects dual-task gait balance control recovery.
Academic Article Adolescents demonstrate greater gait balance control deficits after concussion than young adults.
Academic Article Effects of concussion on attention and executive function in adolescents.
Academic Article Gait and Quiet-Stance Performance Among Adolescents After Concussion-Symptom Resolution.
Academic Article Sport Concussion Assessment Tool: Interpreting day-of-injury scores in professional ice hockey players.
Academic Article Mild Jugular Compression Collar Ameliorated Changes in Brain Activation of Working Memory after One Soccer Season in Female High School Athletes.
Academic Article Reliability of Objective Eye-Tracking Measures Among Healthy Adolescent Athletes.
Academic Article Quality of Life and Symptom Burden 1 Month After Concussion in Children and Adolescents.
Academic Article Objective clinical tests of dual-task dynamic postural control in youth athletes with concussion.
Academic Article Quantitative Multimodal Assessment of Concussion Recovery in Youth Athletes.
Academic Article Identification of Post-Concussion Dual-Task Gait Abnormalities Using Normative Reference Values.
Academic Article Dual-Task Gait Recovery after Concussion among Female and Male Collegiate Athletes.
Academic Article A Longitudinal Investigation of Symptom Recovery following Concussion in Youth Soccer.
Academic Article Presence of Neck or Shoulder Pain Following Sport-Related Concussion Negatively Influences Recovery.
Academic Article Continuing Play, Symptom Severity, and Symptom Duration After Concussion in Youth Athletes.
Academic Article No differences in tandem gait performance between male and female athletes acutely post-concussion.
Academic Article Prognosis for Persistent Post Concussion Symptoms using a Multifaceted Objective Gait and Balance Assessment Approach.
Academic Article Single-Task and Dual-Task Tandem Gait Performance Across Clinical Concussion Milestones in Collegiate Student-Athletes.
Academic Article Clinical Detection and Recovery of Vestibular and Oculomotor Impairments Among Amateur Athletes Following Sport-Related Concussion: A Prospective, Matched-Cohort Study.
Academic Article Using functional movement tests to investigate the presence of sensorimotor impairment in amateur athletes following sport-related concussion: A prospective, longitudinal study.
Academic Article Headache- and Dizziness-Specific Health-Related Quality-of-Life Impairments Persist for 1 in 4 Amateur Athletes Who Are Cleared to Return to Sporting Activity Following Sport-Related Concussion: A Prospective Matched-Cohort Study.
Academic Article Participation in pre-injury level sport one-year following sport-related concussion: A prospective, matched cohort study.
Academic Article Longitudinal Vestibular and Oculomotor Impairments Among Amateur Athletes 1 Year Following Sport-Related Concussion: A Prospective Follow-Up.
Academic Article Condition-specific health-related quality of life amongst amateur athletes six months and one-year following sport-related concussion: A prospective, follow-up.
Academic Article Postconcussion Exercise Volume Associations With Depression, Anxiety, and Dizziness Symptoms, and Postural Stability: Preliminary Findings.
Academic Article Transitory kinesiophobia after sport-related concussion and its correlation with reaction time.
Academic Article Effect of Subconcussive Head Impact Exposure and Jugular Vein Compression on Behavioral and Cognitive Outcomes after a Single Season of High-School Football: A Prospective Longitudinal Trial.
Academic Article Examining initial post-concussion dizziness and postural stability as predictors of time to symptom resolution.
Academic Article Influential Factors and Preliminary Reference Data for a Clinically Feasible, Functional Reaction Time Assessment: The Standardized Assessment of Reaction Time.
Academic Article More Physical Activity Is Correlated With Reduction in Kinesiophobia for Adolescents With Persistent Symptoms After Concussion.
Academic Article Influence of Personal and Injury-Related Factors Predicting Deficits in Quality of Life Domains Among Pediatric Athletes: Findings From the Sport Concussion Outcomes in Pediatrics Study.
Academic Article Early Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity After Concussion Is Associated With Faster Symptom Resolution Time.

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