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Concept Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Academic Article Integration of mouse and human genome-wide association data identifies KCNIP4 as an asthma gene.
Academic Article A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for serum total IgE in diverse study populations.
Academic Article Further replication studies of the EVE Consortium meta-analysis identifies 2 asthma risk loci in European Americans.
Academic Article Genome-wide ancestry association testing identifies a common European variant on 6q14.1 as a risk factor for asthma in African American subjects.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study and admixture mapping reveal new loci associated with total IgE levels in Latinos.
Academic Article Using multi-way admixture mapping to elucidate TB susceptibility in the South African Coloured population.
Academic Article A continuum of admixture in the Western Hemisphere revealed by the African Diaspora genome.
Academic Article Identification of KIF3A as a novel candidate gene for childhood asthma using RNA expression and population allelic frequencies differences.
Academic Article Hunter-gatherer genomic diversity suggests a southern African origin for modern humans.
Academic Article Case-control admixture mapping in Latino populations enriches for known asthma-associated genes.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of breast cancer in Latinas identifies novel protective variants on 6q25.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study and admixture mapping identify different asthma-associated loci in Latinos: the Genes-environments & Admixture in Latino Americans study.
Academic Article Limited evidence for classic selective sweeps in African populations.
Academic Article Gene flow from North Africa contributes to differential human genetic diversity in southern Europe.
Academic Article Exome capture from saliva produces high quality genomic and metagenomic data.
Academic Article Genetic variation in Native Americans, inferred from Latino SNP and resequencing data.
Academic Article Population genetic structure and origins of Native Hawaiians in the multiethnic cohort study.
Academic Article The Great Migration and African-American Genomic Diversity.
Academic Article Admixture mapping identifies a locus on 6q25 associated with breast cancer risk in US Latinas.
Academic Article Cosmopolitan and ethnic-specific replication of genetic risk factors for asthma in 2 Latino populations.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study of bronchodilator response in Latinos implicates rare variants.
Academic Article Y-chromosomal evidence of a pastoralist migration through Tanzania to southern Africa.
Academic Article Identification of ATPAF1 as a novel candidate gene for asthma in children.
Academic Article Fine-Scale Human Population Structure in Southern Africa Reflects Ecogeographic Boundaries.
Academic Article Admixture mapping in two Mexican samples identifies significant associations of locus ancestry with triglyceride levels in the BUD13/ZNF259/APOA5 region and fine mapping points to rs964184 as the main driver of the association signal.
Academic Article Identifying tagging SNPs for African specific genetic variation from the African Diaspora Genome.
Academic Article An Unexpectedly Complex Architecture for Skin Pigmentation in Africans.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study identifies only two ancestry specific variants associated with spontaneous preterm birth.
Academic Article Imputation-Aware Tag SNP Selection To Improve Power for Large-Scale, Multi-ethnic Association Studies.
Academic Article An admixture mapping meta-analysis implicates genetic variation at 18q21 with asthma susceptibility in Latinos.
Academic Article Rapid evolution of a skin-lightening allele in southern African KhoeSan.
Academic Article Association study in African-admixed populations across the Americas recapitulates asthma risk loci in non-African populations.
Academic Article A common variant in PNPLA3 is associated with age at diagnosis of NAFLD in patients from a multi-ethnic biobank.
Academic Article Development of a small panel of SNPs to infer ancestry in Chileans that distinguishes Aymara and Mapuche components.
Academic Article Native American gene flow into Polynesia predating Easter Island settlement.
Academic Article Applicability of ancestral genotyping in pharmacogenomic research with hormonal contraception.
Academic Article Rapid detection of identity-by-descent tracts for mega-scale datasets.
Academic Article Protein prediction for trait mapping in diverse populations.
Academic Article Predicted gene expression in ancestrally diverse populations leads to discovery of susceptibility loci for lifestyle and cardiometabolic traits.
Academic Article Enrichment analyses identify shared associations for 25 quantitative traits in over 600,000 individuals from seven diverse ancestries.
Academic Article Disentangling Signatures of Selection Before and After European Colonization in Latin Americans.
Academic Article Type 1 diabetes in diverse ancestries and the use of genetic risk scores.
Academic Article Gene expression in African Americans, Puerto Ricans and Mexican Americans reveals ancestry-specific patterns of genetic architecture.
Academic Article Causal effects on complex traits are similar for common variants across segments of different continental ancestries within admixed individuals.
Academic Article Combining Asian and European genome-wide association studies of colorectal cancer improves risk prediction across racial and ethnic populations.
Academic Article Estimating heritability explained by local ancestry and evaluating stratification bias in admixture mapping from summary statistics.

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