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Concept Bacteriophages
Academic Article A composite bacteriophage alters colonization by an intestinal commensal bacterium.
Academic Article Evaluation of methods to purify virus-like particles for metagenomic sequencing of intestinal viromes.
Academic Article Molecular Basis for Lytic Bacteriophage Resistance in Enterococci.
Grant The contribution of bacteriophages to host-microbe interactions in the intestine
Academic Article Beyond Bacteria: Bacteriophage-Eukaryotic Host Interactions Reveal Emerging Paradigms of Health and Disease.
Academic Article Murine colitis reveals a disease-associated bacteriophage community.
Academic Article Bacteriophages shift the focus of the mammalian microbiota.
Grant Mechanistic basis of bacteriophages for the decolonization of vancomycin resistant enterococci in the intestine.
Academic Article Sugar and Fatty Acids Ack-celerate Prophage Induction.
Concept Phage Therapy
Academic Article Bacteriophage Resistance Alters Antibiotic-Mediated Intestinal Expansion of Enterococci.
Academic Article Fitness Trade-Offs Resulting from Bacteriophage Resistance Potentiate Synergistic Antibacterial Strategies.
Academic Article Parallel Genomics Uncover Novel Enterococcal-Bacteriophage Interactions.
Academic Article Bacteriophage-Antibiotic Combinations for Enterococcus faecium with Varying Bacteriophage and Daptomycin Susceptibilities.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of enterococcal-bacteriophage interactions and implications for human health.
Academic Article Phage infection and sub-lethal antibiotic exposure mediate Enterococcus faecalis type VII secretion system dependent inhibition of bystander bacteria.
Academic Article Lytic bacteriophages facilitate antibiotic sensitization of Enterococcus faecium.
Academic Article Individuals at risk for rheumatoid arthritis harbor differential intestinal bacteriophage communities with distinct metabolic potential.
Academic Article Bacteriophage-Bacteria Interactions in the Gut: From Invertebrates to Mammals.
Academic Article Evaluation of Bacteriophage Cocktails Alone and in Combination with Daptomycin against Daptomycin-Nonsusceptible Enterococcus faecium.
Academic Article Evaluation of Bacteriophage-Antibiotic Combination Therapy for Biofilm-Embedded MDR Enterococcus faecium.
Academic Article Genetically distant bacteriophages select for unique genomic changes in Enterococcus faecalis.
Academic Article Phage Cocktails with Daptomycin and Ampicillin Eradicates Biofilm-Embedded Multidrug-Resistant Enterococcus faecium with Preserved Phage Susceptibility.

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