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Concept Songbirds
Academic Article Genomic regions underlying metabolic and neuronal signaling pathways are temporally consistent in a moving avian hybrid zone.
Academic Article Plumage Genes and Little Else Distinguish the Genomes of Hybridizing Warblers.
Academic Article Selection on VPS13A linked to migration in a songbird.
Academic Article Climate-mediated movement of an avian hybrid zone.
Academic Article Genetics and evidence for balancing selection of a sex-linked colour polymorphism in a songbird.
Academic Article Variable Signatures of Selection Despite Conserved Recombination Landscapes Early in Speciation.
Academic Article A wood-warbler produced through both interspecific and intergeneric hybridization.
Academic Article Extensive historical and contemporary hybridization suggests premating isolation in Vermivora warblers is not strong: A reply to Confer et al.
Academic Article Differentially expressed genes match bill morphology and plumage despite largely undifferentiated genomes in a Holarctic songbird.
Academic Article The genetic basis of spatial cognitive variation in a food-caching bird.
Academic Article A supergene underlies linked variation in color and morphology in a Holarctic songbird.
Academic Article The genetic basis of plumage coloration and elevation adaptation in a clade of recently diverged alpine and arctic songbirds.
Academic Article Hybridization between closely related songbirds is related to human habitat disturbance.

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