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Concept Plant Leaves
Academic Article Flammability across the gymnosperm phylogeny: the importance of litter particle size.
Academic Article Model Adequacy and the Macroevolution of Angiosperm Functional Traits.
Academic Article Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes.
Academic Article Evolutionary signals of symbiotic persistence in the legume-rhizobia mutualism.
Academic Article Leaf traits within communities: context may affect the mapping of traits to function.
Academic Article Plant species traits are the predominant control on litter decomposition rates within biomes worldwide.
Academic Article Three keys to the radiation of angiosperms into freezing environments.
Academic Article A broader perspective on plant domestication and nutrient and carbon cycling.
Academic Article An evolutionary attractor model for sapwood cross section in relation to leaf area.
Academic Article Functional traits drive the contribution of solar radiation to leaf litter decomposition among multiple arid-zone species.
Academic Article Intraspecific leaf trait variability along a boreal-to-tropical community diversity gradient.
Academic Article Are litter decomposition and fire linked through plant species traits?
Academic Article Towards a universal model for carbon dioxide uptake by plants.
Academic Article Functional biogeography of angiosperms: life at the extremes.
Academic Article When and where soil is important to modify the carbon and water economy of leaves.
Academic Article Shifts in fine root traits within and among species along a fine-scale hydrological gradient.

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