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Academic Article Host DNA released in response to aluminum adjuvant enhances MHC class II-mediated antigen presentation and prolongs CD4 T-cell interactions with dendritic cells.
Concept Cell Movement
Academic Article Antigen recognition in the islets changes with progression of autoimmune islet infiltration.
Academic Article Myosin-IIA and ICAM-1 regulate the interchange between two distinct modes of T cell migration.
Academic Article Modes and mechanisms of T cell motility: roles for confinement and Myosin-IIA.
Academic Article Myosin-IIA regulates leukemia engraftment and brain infiltration in a mouse model of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Academic Article A single class II myosin modulates T cell motility and stopping, but not synapse formation.
Academic Article Activated T cell trans-endothelial migration relies on myosin-IIA contractility for squeezing the cell nucleus through endothelial cell barriers.
Academic Article Mechanisms of T cell motility and arrest: deciphering the relationship between intra- and extracellular determinants.
Academic Article Evolving immune circuits are generated by flexible, motile, and sequential immunological synapses.
Academic Article Perinuclear Arp2/3-driven actin polymerization enables nuclear deformation to facilitate cell migration through complex environments.
Academic Article Confinement-optimized three-dimensional T cell amoeboid motility is modulated via myosin IIA-regulated adhesions.
Academic Article Cell migration and antigen capture are antagonistic processes coupled by myosin II in dendritic cells.
Academic Article Proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2 and Rac activation by chemokine and integrin receptors controls NK cell transendothelial migration.
Academic Article Integration of the movement of signaling microclusters with cellular motility in immunological synapses.
Academic Article Amoeboid T lymphocytes require the septin cytoskeleton for cortical integrity and persistent motility.
Academic Article Immune cell trafficking to the islets during type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Formin-like 1 mediates effector T cell trafficking to inflammatory sites to enable T cell-mediated autoimmunity.
Academic Article Polymerization power: effectors of actin polymerization as?regulators of T lymphocyte migration through complex environments.

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