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Concept Hormones
Concept Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Human
Concept Testicular Hormones
Concept Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Concept Pituitary Hormones
Concept Growth Hormone
Concept Luteinizing Hormone
Concept Luteinizing Hormone, beta Subunit
Concept Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone
Concept Follicle Stimulating Hormone, beta Subunit
Concept Glycoprotein Hormones, alpha Subunit
Concept Anti-Mullerian Hormone
Academic Article Molecular regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone synthesis, secretion and action.
Academic Article Fshb Knockout Mouse Model, Two Decades Later and Into the Future.
Academic Article Extragonadal Actions of FSH: A Critical Need for Novel Genetic Models.
Academic Article Osteocalcin regulates murine and human fertility through a pancreas-bone-testis axis.
Academic Article Overexpression of human chorionic gonadotropin causes multiple reproductive defects in transgenic mice.
Academic Article Gonadal steroid hormone regulation of human and mouse follicle stimulating hormone beta-subunit gene expression in vivo.
Academic Article Redirecting intracellular trafficking and the secretion pattern of FSH dramatically enhances ovarian function in mice.
Academic Article Overexpression of mouse follistatin causes reproductive defects in transgenic mice.
Academic Article A single-chain tetradomain glycoprotein hormone analog elicits multiple hormone activities in vivo.
Academic Article Human Follicle-Stimulating Hormone ß Subunit Expression Depends on FOXL2 and SMAD4.
Academic Article Luteinizing hormone promotes gonadal tumorigenesis in inhibin-deficient mice.
Academic Article Gonadotropins are essential modifier factors for gonadal tumor development in inhibin-deficient mice.
Academic Article Regulation of FSHbeta and GnRH receptor gene expression in activin receptor II knockout male mice.
Academic Article Gonadotroph-specific expression of the human follicle stimulating hormone beta gene in transgenic mice.
Academic Article Single-chain, triple-domain gonadotropin analogs with disulfide bond mutations in the alpha-subunit elicit dual follitropin and lutropin activities in vivo.
Academic Article Hormonal control of somatic cell oocyte interactions during ovarian follicle development.
Academic Article Gonadotrope-specific expression of the human follicle-stimulating hormone beta-subunit gene in pituitaries of transgenic mice.
Academic Article Blocking FSH induces thermogenic adipose tissue and reduces body fat.
Academic Article Age-related uterine and ovarian hypertrophy in FSH receptor knockout and FSHbeta subunit knockout mice.
Academic Article Follicle-stimulating hormone increases testicular Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) production through sertoli cell proliferation and a nonclassical cyclic adenosine 5'-monophosphate-mediated activation of the AMH Gene.
Academic Article Different phenotypes for mice deficient in either activins or activin receptor type II.
Academic Article Hormonal regulation of human follicle-stimulating hormone-beta subunit gene expression: GnRH stimulation and GnRH-independent androgen inhibition.
Academic Article FSH directly regulates bone mass.
Academic Article FSHbeta knockout mouse model: a decade ago and into the future.
Academic Article Fshb-iCre mice are efficient and specific Cre deleters for the gonadotrope lineage.
Academic Article Pituitary gonadotrophic hormone synthesis, secretion, subunit gene expression and cell structure in normal and follicle-stimulating hormone ß knockout, follicle-stimulating hormone receptor knockout, luteinising hormone receptor knockout, hypogonadal and ovariectomised female mice.
Academic Article An investigation into pituitary gonadotrophic hormone synthesis, secretion, subunit gene expression and cell structure in normal and mutant male mice.
Academic Article Impaired male sexual behavior in activin receptor type II knockout mice.
Academic Article Male reproductive phenotypes in double mutant mice lacking both FSHbeta and activin receptor IIA.
Academic Article Oocyte-Derived Factors (GDF9 and BMP15) and FSH Regulate AMH Expression Via Modulation of H3K27AC in Granulosa Cells.
Academic Article Extra-pituitary expressed follicle-stimulating hormone: Is it physiologically important?
Academic Article Mouse models for gonadotropins: a 15-year saga.
Academic Article What have we learned about gonadotropin function from gonadotropin subunit and receptor knockout mice?
Academic Article Evaluation of in vivo bioactivities of recombinant hypo- (FSH21/18) and fully- (FSH24) glycosylated human FSH glycoforms in Fshb null mice.
Academic Article Gonadotropin gene targeting and biological implications.
Academic Article Reproductive defects in gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase-deficient mice.
Academic Article Genetic rescue of follicle-stimulating hormone beta-deficient mice.
Academic Article Targeted disruption of luteinizing hormone beta-subunit leads to hypogonadism, defects in gonadal steroidogenesis, and infertility.
Academic Article Transgenic models to study gonadotropin function: the role of follicle-stimulating hormone in gonadal growth and tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Analysis of ovarian gene expression in follicle-stimulating hormone beta knockout mice.
Academic Article Anti-Müllerian hormone attenuates the effects of FSH on follicle development in the mouse ovary.
Academic Article Follicle stimulating hormone is required for ovarian follicle maturation but not male fertility.
Academic Article Failure of normal Leydig cell development in follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) receptor-deficient mice, but not FSHbeta-deficient mice: role for constitutive FSH receptor activity.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor I regulates gonadotropin responsiveness in the murine ovary.
Academic Article Spermatogonial differentiation in juvenile spermatogonial depletion (jsd) mice with androgen receptor or follicle-stimulating hormone mutations.
Academic Article Follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates TNF production from immune cells to enhance osteoblast and osteoclast formation.
Academic Article Simian virus 40 T antigen-induced gonadotroph adenomas: a model of human null cell adenomas.
Academic Article Cloning of the mouse gonadotropin beta-subunit-encoding genes, I. Structure of the follicle-stimulating hormone beta-subunit-encoding gene.
Academic Article Cloning of the mouse gonadotropin beta-subunit-encoding genes, II. Structure of the luteinizing hormone beta-subunit-encoding genes.
Academic Article Recombinant FSH glycoforms are bioactive in mouse preantral ovarian follicles.
Academic Article Regulation of Sertoli cell number and activity by follicle-stimulating hormone and androgen during postnatal development in the mouse.
Academic Article An interview with Dr Richard Behringer.
Academic Article A human FSHB transgene encoding the double N-glycosylation mutant (Asn(7?) Asn(24?)) FSHß subunit fails to rescue Fshb null mice.
Academic Article Influence of mutations affecting gonadotropin production or responsiveness on expression of inhibin subunit mRNA and protein in the mouse ovary.

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