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Concept Retrospective Studies
Academic Article Rectovestibular fistula--rarely recognized associated gynecologic anomalies.
Academic Article Treatment of fecal incontinence with a comprehensive bowel management program.
Academic Article A practical approach to the management of pediatric fecal incontinence.
Academic Article Posterior cloaca--further experience and guidelines for the treatment of an unusual anorectal malformation.
Academic Article Management of H-type rectovestibular and rectovaginal fistulas.
Academic Article Pitfalls and challenges of cloaca repair: how to reduce the need for reoperations.
Academic Article Total colonic aganglionosis: a surgical challenge. How to avoid complications?
Academic Article Laparoscopy and its use in the repair of anorectal malformations.
Academic Article Prenatal counseling for cloaca and cloacal exstrophy-challenges faced by pediatric surgeons.
Academic Article Transanal, full-thickness, Swenson-like approach for Hirschsprung disease.
Academic Article The role of a colon resection in combination with a Malone appendicostomy as part of a bowel management program for the treatment of fecal incontinence.
Academic Article Covered cloacal exstrophy--a poorly recognized condition: hints for a correct diagnosis.
Academic Article Chronic Kidney Disease Stage Progression in Patients Undergoing Repair of Persistent Cloaca.
Academic Article The transpubic approach for the correction of complex anorectal and urogenital malformations.
Academic Article The appendix as a conduit for antegrade continence enemas in patients with anorectal malformations: lessons learned from 163 cases treated over 18 years.
Academic Article Treatment of adults with unrecognized or inadequately repaired anorectal malformations: 17 cases of rectovestibular and rectoperineal fistulas.
Academic Article Anorectal malformation with rectobladder neck fistula: A distinct and challenging malformation.
Academic Article Damaged anal canal as a cause of fecal incontinence after surgical repair for Hirschsprung disease - a preventable and under-reported complication.
Academic Article Idiopathic constipation: A challenging but manageable problem.
Academic Article Bowel management program in patients with spina bifida.
Academic Article Transition of care: a growing concern in adult patients born with colorectal anomalies.
Academic Article Sacral agenesis and fecal incontinence: how to increase the index of suspicion.
Academic Article A comparison of surgical complications after appendicostomy and neoappendicostomy in pediatric patients.
Academic Article A cloacal anomaly is not a disorder of sex development.
Academic Article Differentiating presacral masses in anorectal malformations and isolated sacrococcygeal teratomas.
Academic Article Vaginal reconstruction for distal vaginal atresia without anorectal malformation: is the approach different?
Academic Article Ectopic ureters in anorectal malformations.
Academic Article Hirschsprung disease and anorectal malformations - An uncommon association.
Academic Article Transanal rectal mucosectomy and muscular plication: A new technique for rectal prolapse in patients with an anorectal malformation.
Academic Article Enema-Induced spastic left colon syndrome: An unintended consequence of chronic enema use.
Academic Article An overview of opioid usage and regional anesthesia for patients undergoing repair of anorectal malformation.
Academic Article Analysis of patients' and caregivers' psychosocial functioning in colorectal conditions: comparison of diagnosis, gender, and developmental functioning.
Academic Article Is the appendix a good organ to diagnose total colonic aganglionosis?
Academic Article The importance of dedicated colorectal team participation in the management of spina bifida and spinal cord injury patients.

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  • Retrospective Studies

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