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overview I am an academic general internist and clinician-investigator focused on precision medicine applied to the prevention and treatment of obesity, diabetes, and their complications, particularly cardiovascular disease. I use precision medicine broadly to mean: 1. Defining and understanding subgroups and heterogeneity in the diverse population of individuals with cardiometabolic disease. 2. Evaluating the implications of those subgroups/heterogeneity for diabetes prevention and management. 3. Determining how well subgroups with different cardiometabolic disease characteristics or treatment response defined in one study population generalize to other study populations. With those goals in mind, we use electronic health record data and genetic data as tools to understand the heterogeneity of the diabetes patient population and variability in response to interventions, to identify novel risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases, and to build risk models optimized to real-world patient populations in health systems. Our ultimate goal is to build evidence that guides individualized targeting of preventive and treatment interventions for obesity, diabetes, and diabetes complications. In addition to my research, I work clinically as a hospitalist at the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center.

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Concept Cardiovascular Diseases
Academic Article Characteristics Associated With Decreased or Increased Mortality Risk From Glycemic Therapy Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and High Cardiovascular Risk: Machine Learning Analysis of the ACCORD Trial.
Academic Article Diabetes Mellitus-Related All-Cause and Cardiovascular Mortality in a National Cohort of Adults.
Academic Article Association Between Early Hypertension Control and Cardiovascular Disease Incidence in Veterans With Diabetes.
Academic Article Association of Glycemic Control Trajectory with Short-Term Mortality in Diabetes Patients with High Cardiovascular Risk: a Joint Latent Class Modeling Study.
Grant Machine Learning and Longitudinal Analyses of Metformin Response Among Veterans
Academic Article Estimation of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Patients in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System.
Academic Article Optimizing Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Estimation for Veterans With Diabetes Mellitus.
Academic Article Potential unrealized mortality benefit of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists and sodium-glucose co-transport-2 inhibitors: A report from the Veterans Health Administration Clinical Assessment, Reporting and Tracking program.
Grant Polygenic Risk Scores for Diverse Populations - Bridging Research and Clinical Care
Grant TOPMed Omics of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes

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