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Concept Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Academic Article Narrow-sense heritability estimation of complex traits using identity-by-descent information.
Academic Article Comparison of methods that use whole genome data to estimate the heritability and genetic architecture of complex traits.
Academic Article Relationships between estimated autozygosity and complex traits in the UK Biobank.
Academic Article Population genomics of Populus trichocarpa identifies signatures of selection and adaptive trait associations.
Academic Article Imputation of behavioral candidate gene repeat variants in 486,551 publicly-available UK Biobank individuals.
Academic Article The Role of A Priori-Identified Addiction and Smoking Gene Sets in Smoking Behaviors.
Academic Article Multitrait genome-wide association analysis of Populus trichocarpa identifies key polymorphisms controlling morphological and physiological traits.
Academic Article Whole-Genome Sequencing of Inbred Mouse Strains Selected for High and Low Open-Field Activity.
Academic Article Little Evidence of Modified Genetic Effect of rs16969968 on Heavy Smoking Based on Age of Onset of Smoking.
Academic Article Genetic architecture of four smoking behaviors using partitioned SNP heritability.
Academic Article High-resolution genetic mapping of allelic variants associated with cell wall chemistry in Populus.
Academic Article Genome-wide Association Meta-analysis of Childhood and Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms.
Academic Article Within-sibship genome-wide association analyses decrease bias in estimates of direct genetic effects.
Academic Article Examination of a novel expression-based gene-SNP annotation strategy to identify tissue-specific contributions to heritability in multiple traits.
Academic Article Transcriptome-wide gene-gene interaction associations elucidate pathways and functional enrichment of complex traits.

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