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Concept Esophagus
Academic Article Viscosity measurements of barium sulfate mixtures for use in motility studies of the pharynx and esophagus.
Academic Article The phrenic ampulla: distal esophagus or potential hiatal hernia?
Academic Article A fluid mechanical perspective on esophageal bolus transport.
Academic Article Physiology of the esophageal pressure transition zone: separate contraction waves above and below.
Academic Article Local longitudinal muscle shortening of the human esophagus from high-frequency ultrasonography.
Academic Article Space-time pressure structure of pharyngo-esophageal segment during swallowing.
Academic Article Effect of increased intra-abdominal pressure on peristalsis in feline esophagus.
Academic Article Analyses of normal and abnormal esophageal transport using computer simulations.
Academic Article Interpretation of intraluminal manometric measurements in terms of swallowing mechanics.
Academic Article Muscle shortening along the normal esophagus during swallowing.
Academic Article Mechanical studies of the esophageal function.
Academic Article Mechanics and hemodynamics of esophageal varices during peristaltic contraction.
Academic Article The mechanical advantage of local longitudinal shortening on peristaltic transport.
Academic Article Volume (3-dimensional) space-time reconstruction of esophageal peristaltic contraction by using simultaneous US and manometry.
Academic Article Determinants of intrabolus pressure during esophageal peristaltic bolus transport.
Academic Article High-resolution manometry predicts the success of oesophageal bolus transport and identifies clinically important abnormalities not detected by conventional manometry.
Academic Article Physiology of the oesophageal transition zone in the presence of chronic bolus retention: studies using concurrent high resolution manometry and digital fluoroscopy.
Academic Article The mechanical basis of impaired esophageal emptying postfundoplication.
Academic Article Bolus transit assessed by an esophageal stress test in postfundoplication dysphagia.
Academic Article Distinct patterns of oesophageal shortening during primary peristalsis, secondary peristalsis and transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxation.
Academic Article A mathematical model for estimating muscle tension in vivo during esophageal bolus transport.
Academic Article Function of longitudinal vs circular muscle fibers in esophageal peristalsis, deduced with mathematical modeling.
Academic Article The invalidity of the Laplace law for biological vessels and of estimating elastic modulus from total stress vs. strain: a new practical method.
Academic Article The Esophagiome: concept, status, and future perspectives.

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