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Concept Extracellular Matrix
Concept Extracellular Matrix Proteins
Academic Article The interface of functional biotribology and regenerative medicine in synovial joints.
Academic Article Cell and tissue deformation measurements: texture correlation with third-order approximation of displacement gradients.
Academic Article Direct measurement of intranuclear strain distributions and RNA synthesis in single cells embedded within native tissue.
Academic Article Cell encapsulation in a magnetically aligned collagen-GAG copolymer microenvironment.
Academic Article Acellular and cellular high-density, collagen-fibril constructs with suprafibrillar organization.
Academic Article Mapping the Nonreciprocal Micromechanics of Individual Cells and the Surrounding Matrix Within Living Tissues.
Academic Article Knockdown of the pericellular matrix molecule perlecan lowers in situ cell and matrix stiffness in developing cartilage.
Academic Article In Vivo Cellular Infiltration and Remodeling in a Decellularized Ovine Osteochondral Allograft.
Grant Biomechanics of Human Articular Cartilage Measured In Vivo
Grant MRI-Based Method to Evaluate Engineered Cartilage
Grant Intervertebral Disc Mechanics Measured by dualMRI In Vivo
Academic Article Densification of Type I Collagen Matrices as a Model for Cardiac Fibrosis.
Academic Article Chondrocyte viability is lost during high-rate impact loading by transfer of amplified strain, but not stress, to pericellular and cellular regions.
Academic Article Ontogeny informs regeneration: explant models to investigate the role of the extracellular matrix in cartilage tissue assembly and development.
Academic Article Nuclear Stiffness Decreases with Disruption of the Extracellular Matrix in Living Tissues.
Academic Article Recellularization and Integration of Dense Extracellular Matrix by Percolation of Tissue Microparticles.
Academic Article Particulate ECM biomaterial ink is 3D printed and naturally crosslinked to form structurally-layered and lubricated cartilage tissue mimics.
Academic Article The heterogeneous mechanical properties of adolescent growth plate cartilage: A study in rabbit.
Academic Article A method for defining tissue injury criteria reveals that ligament deformation thresholds are multimodal.

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