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Concept Ecosystem
Academic Article Fitness variation and local distribution limits in an annual plant population.
Academic Article Factors driving distribution limits in an annual plant community.
Academic Article Ecological release exposes genetically based niche variation.
Academic Article Cryptic seedling herbivory by nocturnal introduced generalists impacts survival, performance of native and exotic plants.
Academic Article Effect of local community phylogenetic structure on pollen limitation in an obligately insect-pollinated plant.
Academic Article Ecological factors limiting the distribution of Gilia tricolor in a California grassland mosaic.
Academic Article The joint evolution of traits and habitat: ontogenetic shifts in leaf morphology and wetland specialization in Lasthenia.
Academic Article Oh, the places you'll go! Understanding the evolutionary interplay between dispersal and habitat adaptation as a driver of plant distributions.
Academic Article Habitat filtering not dispersal limitation shapes oceanic island floras: species assembly of the Galápagos archipelago.
Academic Article Environmental predictors of dispersal traits across a species' geographic range.
Academic Article Grow Where You Thrive, or Where Only You Can Survive? An Analysis of Performance Curve Evolution in a Clade with Diverse Habitat Affinities.
Academic Article The Effects of Temporal Variation on Fitness, Functional Traits, and Species Distribution Patterns.
Academic Article Range edges in heterogeneous landscapes: Integrating geographic scale and climate complexity into range dynamics.
Academic Article Dispersal evolution in temporally variable environments: implications for plant range dynamics.

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