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Concept Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article Absenteeism from work: the experience of employed breast and prostate cancer patients in the months following diagnosis.
Academic Article Correlates of return to work for breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article Does employer-provided health insurance constrain labor supply adjustments to health shocks? New evidence on women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Academic Article Breast cancer and women's labor supply.
Academic Article Surgery wait times and specialty services for insured and uninsured breast cancer patients: does hospital safety net status matter?
Academic Article Job attributes, job satisfaction and the return to health after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article Disparities in cancer diagnosis and survival.
Academic Article Surveillance mammography for Medicaid/Medicare breast cancer patients.
Academic Article Racial differences in quality of life and employment outcomes in insured women with breast cancer.
Academic Article Estimates and projections of value of life lost from cancer deaths in the United States.
Academic Article Productivity costs of cancer mortality in the United States: 2000-2020.
Academic Article Differences in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment: experiences of insured and uninsured women in a safety-net setting.
Academic Article Influence of surgical and treatment choices on the cost of breast cancer care.
Academic Article Short-term effects of breast cancer on labor market attachment: results from a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Late stage cancers in a Medicaid-insured population.
Academic Article Cancer, Medicaid enrollment, and survival disparities.
Academic Article Insurance and inpatient care: differences in length of stay and costs between surgically treated cancer patients.
Academic Article Mammography use after the 2009 debate.
Academic Article Observation interval for evaluating the costs of surgical interventions for older women with a new diagnosis of breast cancer.
Academic Article Time away from work: employed husbands of women treated for breast cancer.
Academic Article State Medicaid expansion decisions and disparities in women's cancer screening.
Academic Article Work task disability in employed breast and prostate cancer patients.
Academic Article Correlates of late stage breast cancer and death in a Medicaid-insured population.
Academic Article Employment-contingent health insurance, illness, and labor supply of women: evidence from married women with breast cancer.
Academic Article Race, socioeconomic status, and breast cancer treatment and survival.
Academic Article Combining registry, primary, and secondary data sources to identify the impact of cancer on labor market outcomes.
Academic Article Long-term financial burden of breast cancer: experiences of a diverse cohort of survivors identified through population-based registries.
Academic Article Breast and prostate cancer patient's reliability of treatment reporting.
Academic Article Employment and cancer: findings from a longitudinal study of breast and prostate cancer survivors.
Academic Article Impact of adjuvant chemotherapy on long-term employment of survivors of early-stage breast cancer.
Academic Article Differences in mortality for surgical cancer patients by insurance and hospital safety net status.
Academic Article Prescription drug coverage: implications for hormonal therapy adherence in women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Academic Article The Impact of Near-Universal Insurance Coverage on Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: Evidence from Massachusetts.
Academic Article Women With Breast Cancer Who Work For Accommodating Employers More Likely To Retain Jobs After Treatment.
Grant Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Health
Academic Article Impact of Medicaid disenrollment in Tennessee on breast cancer stage at diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article Long-Term Economic and Employment Outcomes Among Partners of Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Medicaid Beneficiaries: The Role of Physician Payment and Managed Care.
Concept Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article The Impact of Massachusetts Health Reform on Colorectal and Breast Cancer Stage at Diagnosis.
Academic Article Co-payment policies and breast and cervical cancer screening in Medicaid.
Academic Article J Natl Cancer Inst
Academic Article New Persistent Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use After Curative-Intent Treatment in Patients With Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Changes in initiation of adjuvant endocrine therapy for breast cancer after state health reform.
Academic Article Breast Cancer Treatment Following Health Reform: Evidence From Massachusetts.
Academic Article Evaluating anthracycline?+?taxane versus taxane-based chemotherapy in older women with node-negative triple-negative breast cancer: a SEER-Medicare study.
Academic Article Role of Medicaid in Early Detection of Screening-Amenable Cancers.
Academic Article Job loss, return to work, and multidimensional well-being after breast cancer treatment in working-age Black and White women.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes of adjuvant taxane plus anthracycline versus taxane-based chemotherapy regimens in older adults with node-positive, triple-negative breast cancer: A SEER-Medicare study.
Academic Article Treatment Disparities in Radiation and Hormone Therapy Among Women Covered by Medicaid vs Private Insurance in Cancer Registry and Claims Data.
Academic Article Major cardiovascular adverse events in older adults with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer treated with adjuvant taxane + anthracycline versus taxane-based chemotherapy regimens: A SEER-medicare study.

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  • Breast Neoplasms

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