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Concept Virus Attachment
Concept Virus Diseases
Concept RNA Viruses
Concept Monkeypox virus
Concept Viruses
Concept Virus Replication
Concept Plant Viruses
Concept Virus Internalization
Concept RNA Virus Infections
Concept Virus Physiological Phenomena
Concept env Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Concept Influenza A virus
Concept Defective Viruses
Concept vif Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Concept Dengue Virus
Concept Influenza A Virus, H3N2 Subtype
Concept Receptors, Virus
Concept Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
Academic Article Dual host-virus arms races shape an essential housekeeping protein.
Academic Article Two-stepping through time: mammals and viruses.
Academic Article A cross-species view on viruses.
Academic Article Ancient adaptive evolution of the primate antiviral DNA-editing enzyme APOBEC3G.
Academic Article Statistical tests for detecting gene conversion.
Academic Article Analyzing machupo virus-receptor binding by molecular dynamics simulations.
Academic Article Positive selection of primate genes that promote HIV-1 replication.
Academic Article Evidence for ACE2-utilizing coronaviruses (CoVs) related to severe acute respiratory syndrome CoV in bats.
Academic Article Induction of erythropoietin responsiveness in murine hematopoietic cells by the gag-myb-ets-containing ME26 virus.
Academic Article Evolutionary reconstructions of the transferrin receptor of Caniforms supports canine parvovirus being a re-emerged and not a novel pathogen in dogs.
Academic Article Molecular diversity of RNA-2 genome segments in pecluviruses causing peanut clump disease in West Africa and India.
Academic Article The effect of species representation on the detection of positive selection in primate gene data sets.
Academic Article Computational and Functional Analysis of the Virus-Receptor Interface Reveals Host Range Trade-Offs in New World Arenaviruses.
Academic Article Filovirus receptor NPC1 contributes to species-specific patterns of ebolavirus susceptibility in bats.
Academic Article At the mercy of viruses.
Academic Article Interferon-gamma protects against herpes simplex virus type 1-mediated neuronal death.
Academic Article An Intrinsically Disordered Region of the DNA Repair Protein Nbs1 Is a Species-Specific Barrier to Herpes Simplex Virus 1 in Primates.
Academic Article XRN1 Is a Species-Specific Virus Restriction Factor in Yeasts.
Academic Article Non-human Primate Schlafen11 Inhibits Production of Both Host and Viral Proteins.
Academic Article Owl monkey CCR5 reveals synergism between CD4 and CCR5 in HIV-1 entry.
Academic Article Nuclear TRIM25 Specifically Targets Influenza Virus Ribonucleoproteins to Block the Onset of RNA Chain Elongation.
Grant Host genetic barriers to virus spillover
Academic Article Species-specific vulnerability of RanBP2 shaped the evolution of SIV as it transmitted in African apes.
Academic Article Dengue viruses cleave STING in humans but not in nonhuman primates, their presumed natural reservoir.
Academic Article Species-Specific Deamidation of cGAS by Herpes Simplex Virus UL37 Protein Facilitates Viral Replication.
Academic Article How host genetics dictates successful viral zoonosis.
Academic Article A glycan shield on chimpanzee CD4 protects against infection by primate lentiviruses (HIV/SIV).
Academic Article TRIM5a Restricts Flavivirus Replication by Targeting the Viral Protease for Proteasomal Degradation.
Academic Article Selective use of primate CD4 receptors by HIV-1.
Academic Article dsRNA-Seq: Identification of Viral Infection by Purifying and Sequencing dsRNA.
Academic Article Just 2% of SARS-CoV-2-positive individuals carry 90% of the virus circulating in communities.
Academic Article Positive natural selection in primate?genes of the type I interferon response.
Academic Article Just 2% of SARS-CoV-2-positive individuals carry 90% of the virus circulating in communities.
Academic Article RNase L limits host and viral protein synthesis via inhibition of mRNA export.
Academic Article Human ACE2 Polymorphisms from Different Human Populations Modulate SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
Academic Article Monkeypox emergency: Urgent questions and perspectives.
Academic Article Primate hemorrhagic fever-causing arteriviruses are poised for spillover to humans.
Academic Article Identifying animal viruses in humans.
Academic Article How avian influenza viruses spill over to mammals.
Academic Article Quantification of virus-infected cells using RNA FISH-Flow.

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