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Concept Obesity
Academic Article Fetal serum folate concentrations and placental folate transport in obese women.
Academic Article Diet-induced obesity in mice reduces placental efficiency and inhibits placental mTOR signaling.
Academic Article Increasing maternal body mass index is associated with systemic inflammation in the mother and the activation of distinct placental inflammatory pathways.
Academic Article Activation of placental mTOR signaling and amino acid transporters in obese women giving birth to large babies.
Academic Article Increased glucose and placental GLUT-1 in large infants of obese nondiabetic mothers.
Academic Article Expression and functional characterisation of System L amino acid transporters in the human term placenta.
Academic Article Increased placental nutrient transport in a novel mouse model of maternal obesity with fetal overgrowth.
Academic Article Adiponectin supplementation in pregnant mice prevents the adverse effects of maternal obesity on placental function and fetal growth.
Academic Article Maternal taurine supplementation in the late pregnant rat stimulates postnatal growth and induces obesity and insulin resistance in adult offspring.
Academic Article Increased placental fatty acid transporter 6 and binding protein 3 expression and fetal liver lipid accumulation in a mouse model of obesity in pregnancy.
Academic Article Activation of placental insulin and mTOR signaling in a mouse model of maternal obesity associated with fetal overgrowth.
Academic Article Reply to Carbillon: Fetal/placental weight ratio and placental function.
Academic Article Protein expression of fatty acid transporter 2 is polarized to the trophoblast basal plasma membrane and increased in placentas from overweight/obese women.
Grant A Novel Mouse Model of Obesity in Pregnancy
Grant Development of a mouse model of obesity in pregnancy
Grant Placental adiponectin signaling and fetal programming in maternal obesity
Academic Article The effect of androgen excess on maternal metabolism, placental function and fetal growth in obese dams.
Academic Article Normalizing adiponectin levels in obese pregnant mice prevents adverse metabolic outcomes in offspring.
Academic Article Maternal obesity results in decreased syncytiotrophoblast synthesis of palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizing properties.
Concept Pediatric Obesity
Academic Article No evidence of attenuation of placental insulin-stimulated Akt phosphorylation and amino acid transport in maternal obesity and gestational diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Decreased placental folate transporter expression and activity in first and second trimester in obese mothers.
Academic Article Changes in Placental Nutrient Transporter Protein Expression and Activity Across Gestation in Normal and Obese Women.
Academic Article Placental function in maternal obesity.
Grant Trophoblast mTOR: a critical hub linking maternal nutrient supply to placental function, fetal growth and fetal islet function
Grant Placental adiponectin signaling and fetal programming in maternal obesity
Academic Article Sex-specific responses in placental fatty acid oxidation, esterification and transfer capacity to maternal obesity.
Academic Article Insulin Increases Adipose Adiponectin in Pregnancy by Inhibiting Ubiquitination and Degradation: Impact of Obesity.
Academic Article Maternal obesity causes fetal cardiac hypertrophy and alters adult offspring myocardial metabolism in mice.
Academic Article Transcriptomic responses are sex-dependent in the skeletal muscle and liver in offspring of obese mice.
Academic Article Maternal glucagon-like peptide-1 is positively associated with fetal growth in pregnancies complicated with obesity.
Academic Article Novel Metabolic Subtypes in Pregnant Women and Risk of Early Childhood Obesity in Offspring.
Academic Article Maternal obesity alters the placental transcriptome in a fetal sex-dependent manner.
Academic Article Fetal sex differences in placental LCPUFA ether and plasmalogen phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine contents in pregnancies complicated by obesity.
Academic Article Cord blood DNA methylation of immune and lipid metabolism genes is associated with maternal triglycerides and child adiposity.

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