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Concept Data Interpretation, Statistical
Academic Article Resampling methods for variance estimation of singular value decomposition analyses from microarray experiments.
Academic Article Penalized regression procedures for variable selection in the potential outcomes framework.
Academic Article Modelling tumour biology-progression relationships in screening trials.
Academic Article Genomic outlier detection in high-throughput data analysis.
Academic Article Proportional hazards regression for cancer studies.
Academic Article Incorporating the empirical null hypothesis into the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure.
Academic Article On assessing surrogacy in a single trial setting using a semicompeting risks paradigm.
Academic Article Semiparametric inference for surrogate endpoints with bivariate censored data.
Academic Article Weighted estimation of the accelerated failure time model in the presence of dependent censoring.
Academic Article Equivalence of kernel machine regression and kernel distance covariance for multidimensional phenotype association studies.
Academic Article Semiparametric analysis of recurrent events: artificial censoring, truncation, pairwise estimation and inference.
Academic Article Semiparametric regression of multidimensional genetic pathway data: least-squares kernel machines and linear mixed models.
Academic Article On the Plackett distribution with bivariate censored data.
Academic Article Comparison of seven methods for producing Affymetrix expression scores based on False Discovery Rates in disease profiling data.
Academic Article Discrete nonparametric algorithms for outlier detection with genomic data.
Academic Article Combining multiple biomarker models in logistic regression.
Academic Article Covariate adjustment using propensity scores for dependent censoring problems in the accelerated failure time model.
Academic Article A latent variable approach for meta-analysis of gene expression data from multiple microarray experiments.
Academic Article Multiple comparison procedures for neuroimaging genomewide association studies.
Academic Article Relaxed covariate overlap and margin-based causal effect estimation.
Academic Article Comprehensive literature review and statistical considerations for GWAS meta-analysis.
Academic Article University of Pennsylvania 7th annual conference on statistical issues in clinical trials: Current issues regarding the use of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints in clinical trials (morning panel discussion).
Academic Article Comprehensive literature review and statistical considerations for microarray meta-analysis.
Academic Article "Omics" data and levels of evidence for biomarker discovery.
Academic Article Oncomine 3.0: genes, pathways, and networks in a collection of 18,000 cancer gene expression profiles.
Academic Article Shrunken p-values for assessing differential expression with applications to genomic data analysis.
Academic Article Empirical Bayes identification [correction of identication] of tumor progression genes from microarray data.
Academic Article Predictive Modeling for Metabolomics Data.

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