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Academic Article Mediation of chronic pain: not by neurons alone.
Academic Article Norman Cousins Lecture. Glia as the "bad guys": implications for improving clinical pain control and the clinical utility of opioids.
Academic Article Sex and estradiol influence glial pro-inflammatory responses to lipopolysaccharide in rats.
Academic Article Glial proinflammatory cytokines mediate exaggerated pain states: implications for clinical pain.
Academic Article Glia: a novel drug discovery target for clinical pain.
Academic Article Glial activation and pathological pain.
Academic Article Neonatal infection induces memory impairments following an immune challenge in adulthood.
Concept Astrocytes
Academic Article Pioglitazone rapidly reduces neuropathic pain through astrocyte and nongenomic PPAR? mechanisms.
Grant Pain facilitation via neuron-to-glia signaling
Grant Pain control via spinal interleukin-10 gene therapy
Grant Immune and Gilia Regulation of Pain & Analgesic Actions
Grant Preventing Transition of Acute-to-Chronic Neuropathic Pain: Models, Mechanisms &
Grant Spinal adenosine modulator: enduring anti-inflammatory action in neuropathic pain
Grant Optoid Analgesics: Modulation of Trigeminal &Spinal Glial Activation
Grant Models and mechanisms for the transition of acute-to-chronic orofacial pain
Grant Spinal glia activation in human chronic pain
Grant Immune /Glial Mediation of Exaggerated Pain States
Grant Methods Development for Studying Dorsal Spinal Cord Glia
Grant Enduring reversal of chronic pain by adenosine 2a agonism
Academic Article Stereochemistry and innate immune recognition: (+)-norbinaltorphimine targets myeloid differentiation protein 2 and inhibits toll-like receptor 4 signaling.
Academic Article TDP-43 knockdown causes innate immune activation via protein kinase R in astrocytes.

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