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Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on conduct disorder: symptom, domain and full-scale analyses.
Academic Article Comorbidity between alcohol dependence and illicit drug dependence in adolescents with antisocial behavior and matched controls.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental contributions to common psychopathologies of childhood and adolescence: a study of twins and their siblings.
Academic Article Association of the neuronal nicotinic receptor beta2 subunit gene (CHRNB2) with subjective responses to alcohol and nicotine.
Academic Article Early childhood temperament and the covariation between internalizing and externalizing behavior in school-aged children.
Academic Article Common genetic and environmental influences on major depressive disorder and conduct disorder.
Academic Article Investigation of genetically mediated child effects on maltreatment.
Academic Article The relation between sluggish cognitive tempo and DSM-IV ADHD.
Academic Article Common and specific genetic influences on aggressive and nonaggressive conduct disorder domains.
Academic Article Analyzing comorbidity.
Academic Article Item response theory analysis of DSM-IV cannabis abuse and dependence criteria in adolescents.
Academic Article Toward DSM-V: an item response theory analysis of the diagnostic process for DSM-IV alcohol abuse and dependence in adolescents.
Academic Article An item response theory analysis of DSM-IV conduct disorder.
Academic Article Structure and etiology of co-occurring internalizing and externalizing disorders in adolescents.
Academic Article Prospective effects of adolescent indicators of behavioral disinhibition on DSM-IV alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug dependence in young adulthood.
Academic Article Genetic etiology of the common liability to drug dependence: evidence of common and specific mechanisms for DSM-IV dependence symptoms.
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Concept Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Concept Child Behavior Disorders
Academic Article Personality dimensions as common and broadband-specific features for internalizing and externalizing disorders.
Grant Testing a Developmental Model of Conduct Problems
Academic Article The Association Between Toddlerhood Self-Control and Later Externalizing Problems.
Academic Article Are rumination and neuroticism genetically or environmentally distinct risk factors for psychopathology?

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