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Academic Article Lifetime police contacts of discharged Psychiatric Security Review Board clients.
Academic Article After Oregon's insanity defense: a comparison of conditional release and hospitalization.
Academic Article Civil commitment of American Indians.
Academic Article Research in American Indian and Alaska Native communities: navigating the cultural universe of values and process.
Academic Article Insanity defenses: contested or conceded?
Academic Article Substance abuse treatment of American Indian adolescents: comorbid symptomatology, gender differences, and treatment patterns.
Academic Article Prevalence of common psychiatric disorders among American Indian adolescent detainees.
Academic Article Utilization of alcohol, drug, and mental health treatment services among American Indian adolescent detainees.
Academic Article Psychiatric epidemiology of an Indian village. A 19-year replication study.
Academic Article Psychiatric disorders among recently-arrived Eastern Europeans seen through a US refugee counseling service.
Academic Article Commentary: quality of alcohol, drug, and mental health services for American Indian children and adolescents.
Academic Article Oregon's Psychiatric Security Review Board: a comprehensive system for managing insanity acquittees.
Academic Article The DSM-IV Outline for Cultural Formulation: a critical demonstration with American Indian children.
Academic Article Spirituality and attempted suicide among American Indians.
Academic Article Use of biomedical services and traditional healing options among American Indians: sociodemographic correlates, spirituality, and ethnic identity.
Academic Article Prevalence of DSM-IV disorders and attendant help-seeking in 2 American Indian reservation populations.
Academic Article Obstacles for rural American Indians seeking alcohol, drug, or mental health treatment.
Academic Article Cultural aspects of telepsychiatry.
Academic Article American Indian adolescents in substance abuse treatment: diagnostic status.
Academic Article Telepsychiatry with rural American Indians: issues in civil commitments.
Academic Article The place of culture in DSM-IV.
Academic Article Unmet needs for substance abuse and mental health services among Northern Plains American Indian adolescents.
Academic Article Mental health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives: need, use, and barriers to effective care.
Academic Article The diffusion of telehealth in rural American Indian communities: a retrospective survey of key stakeholders.
Academic Article Criterion validity of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale in a population sample from an American Indian village.
Academic Article Psychiatric disorder among American Indian adolescents: prevalence in Northern Plains youth.
Academic Article Prevalence of mental disorders and utilization of mental health services in two American Indian reservation populations: mental health disparities in a national context.
Academic Article Illicit peyote use among American Indian adolescents in substance abuse treatment: a preliminary investigation.
Academic Article Psychiatric disorders in detainees.
Academic Article Cultural specificity and comparison in psychiatric epidemiology: walking the tightrope in American Indian research.
Academic Article The prevalence of DSM-III-R alcohol dependence in two American Indian populations.
Academic Article Challenges in operationalizing the DSM-IV clinical significance criterion.
Academic Article Cognitive impairment, psychiatric disorders, and problematic behaviors in a tribal nursing home.
Academic Article An economic evaluation of telehealth data collection with rural populations.
Academic Article Diagnostic reliability of telepsychiatry in American Indian veterans.
Academic Article Association between diabetes and mental disorders in two American Indian reservation communities.
Academic Article Methods for measuring utilization of mental health services in two epidemiologic studies.
Academic Article Trauma and conditional risk of posttraumatic stress disorder in two American Indian reservation communities.
Academic Article The use of self-rating scales in cross-cultural psychiatry.
Academic Article Psychiatric assessment and treatment of American Indians and Alaska Natives.
Concept Social Behavior Disorders
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Concept Child Behavior Disorders
Academic Article Mental health burden in a national sample of American Indian and Alaska Native adults: differences between multiple-race and single-race subgroups.

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