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Academic Article Posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and suicide attempt history among veterans receiving mental health services.
Academic Article Prevalence and screening of traumatic brain injury among veterans seeking mental health services.
Academic Article Health and wellness characteristics of persons with traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Identification and treatment of TBI and co-occurring psychiatric symptoms among OEF/OIF/OND veterans seeking mental health services within the State of Colorado: establishing consensus for best practices.
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Community Mental Health Centers
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article Validating the traumatic brain injury-4 screening measure for veterans seeking mental health treatment with psychiatric inpatient and outpatient service utilization data.
Academic Article Rationale and study protocol for a two-part intervention: Safety planning and structured follow-up among veterans at risk for suicide and discharged from the emergency department.
Academic Article The microbiome of the built environment and mental health
Academic Article The microbiome of the built environment and mental health.
Academic Article Barriers and Facilitators in Providing Community Mental Health Care to Returning Veterans with a History of Traumatic Brain Injury and Co-occurring Mental Health Symptoms.
Academic Article Responses to Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Questions and Suicide Attempts among Those Seeking Veterans Health Administration Mental Health Services.
Academic Article Delivering Mental Health Services to OEF/OIF Veterans: A VHA Qualitative Study.
Academic Article The Microbiota, Immunoregulation, and Mental Health: Implications for Public Health.
Academic Article Population mental health among U.S. military veterans: results of the Veterans Health Module of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2011-2012.
Academic Article Listening to Our Patients: Learning About Suicide Risk and Protective Factors From Veterans With HIV/AIDS.
Academic Article The Microbiome of the Built Environment and Human Behavior: Implications for Emotional Health and Well-Being in Postmodern Western Societies.
Academic Article Connecting Veterans at Risk for Suicide to Care Through the HOME Program.
Grant Biological Signature and Safety of an Immunomodulatory Probiotic Intervention for Veterans with Co-Occuring Mild TBI and PTSD
Academic Article Mental Health in Allergic Rhinitis: Depression and Suicidal Behavior.
Academic Article Military-Related Exposures, Social Determinants of Health, and Dysbiosis: The United States-Veteran Microbiome Project (US-VMP).
Academic Article Mental illness and obesity among Veterans undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: Insights from the VA CART program.
Academic Article Administrative Military Discharge and Suicidal Ideation Among Post-9/11 Veterans.
Academic Article Efficacy of the Home-Based Mental Health Evaluation (HOME) Program for Engaging Patients in Care After Hospitalization.
Grant Biological Signature and Safety of an Immunomodulatory Probiotic Intervention of Veterans with PTSD
Academic Article Preventing Suicide in Rural Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Mobile App for Mental Health Monitoring and Clinical Outreach in Veterans: Mixed Methods Feasibility and Acceptability Study.

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