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Academic Article The roles of maternal alpha-catenin and plakoglobin in the early Xenopus embryo.
Academic Article Cadherins and catenins, Wnts and SOXs: embryonic patterning in Xenopus.
Academic Article The beta-catenin/VegT-regulated early zygotic gene Xnr5 is a direct target of SOX3 regulation.
Academic Article Repression of nodal expression by maternal B1-type SOXs regulates germ layer formation in Xenopus and zebrafish.
Academic Article SOX7 is an immediate-early target of VegT and regulates Nodal-related gene expression in Xenopus.
Academic Article An NF-kappaB and slug regulatory loop active in early vertebrate mesoderm.
Academic Article Eya1 and Six1 promote neurogenesis in the cranial placodes in a SoxB1-dependent fashion.
Academic Article Limb development in a "nonmodel" vertebrate, the direct-developing frog Eleutherodactylus coqui.
Academic Article Sox3 expression identifies neural progenitors in persistent neonatal and adult mouse forebrain germinative zones.
Academic Article Regulation of Wnt signaling by Sox proteins: XSox17 alpha/beta and XSox3 physically interact with beta-catenin.
Academic Article Embryonic expression of Xenopus laevis SOX7.
Academic Article SOX7 and SOX18 are essential for cardiogenesis in Xenopus.
Academic Article Unexpected functional redundancy between Twist and Slug (Snail2) and their feedback regulation of NF-kappaB via Nodal and Cerberus.
Academic Article The Sox axis, Nodal signaling, and germ layer specification.
Academic Article Regulation of TCF3 by Wnt-dependent phosphorylation during vertebrate axis specification.
Academic Article Mechanisms driving neural crest induction and migration in the zebrafish and Xenopus laevis.
Academic Article A maternally established SoxB1/SoxF axis is a conserved feature of chordate germ layer patterning.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Academic Article Chibby functions in Xenopus ciliary assembly, embryonic development, and the regulation of gene expression.
Academic Article Centrin-2 (Cetn2) mediated regulation of FGF/FGFR gene expression in Xenopus.
Academic Article Identifying domains of EFHC1 involved in ciliary localization, ciliogenesis, and the regulation of Wnt signaling.

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