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Concept Exoribonucleases
Academic Article RNA structures that resist degradation by Xrn1 produce a pathogenic Dengue virus RNA.
Academic Article The structural basis of pathogenic subgenomic flavivirus RNA (sfRNA) production.
Academic Article New hypotheses derived from the structure of a flaviviral Xrn1-resistant RNA: Conservation, folding, and host adaptation.
Academic Article Zika virus produces noncoding RNAs using a multi-pseudoknot structure that confounds a cellular exonuclease.
Grant Mechanisms of viral RNA maturation by co-opting cellular exonucleases
Academic Article Mechanism and structural diversity of exoribonuclease-resistant RNA structures in flaviviral RNAs.
Academic Article A folded viral noncoding RNA blocks host cell exoribonucleases through a conformationally dynamic RNA structure.
Academic Article Exoribonuclease-Resistant RNAs Exist within both Coding and Noncoding Subgenomic RNAs.
Academic Article The crystal structure of a Polerovirus exoribonuclease-resistant RNA shows how diverse sequences are integrated into a conserved fold.
Academic Article A New Subclass of Exoribonuclease-Resistant RNA Found in Multiple Genera of Flaviviridae.
Academic Article Different tertiary interactions create the same important 3D features in a distinct flavivirus xrRNA.
Academic Article Disruption of Zika Virus xrRNA1-Dependent sfRNA1 Production Results in Tissue-Specific Attenuated Viral Replication.
Grant Structural determinants of viral RNAs resistant to exoribonucleases in the alphavirus supergroup

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