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overview My research focuses on the broad area of human responses to hypoxia. Current research is focused on three major areas: cerebrovascular hemodynamics in hypoxia and exercise; transcriptomic prediction of human responses to hypoxia; and the integration of systems biology with integrative, whole body physiology to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of oxygen sensing in humans. Cerebrovascular Hemodynamics: We have recently shown that hypoxia impairs cerebral autoregulation; research is underway to begin to understand the importance of this finding and its possible mechanisms. Prediction of Human Responses to Hypoxia: We found that a gene expression signature from a blood sample collected in Denver predicted >95% of those who later developed acute mountain sickness. A recent validation study at lower altitudes in a more diverse population confirmed these findings. Studies are underway to examine the physiological links of these transcriptomic markers and pathways that lead to susceptibility to altitude illness. Systems biology and human integrative physiological responses to hypoxia: We are undertaking studies to link a comprehensive ‘omics’ pathway of oxygen sensing (transcriptomics, epigenetics, proteomics, metabolomics) to physiological responses that serve to improve oxygen transport during acute and chronic hypoxia. At the Altitude Research Center I have mentored 17 junior researchers, ranging from research fellows in Emergency Medicine, Neurology and Pulmonary Medicine to medical students, postdoctoral fellows and undergraduate students. I am active on the Department of Emergency Medicine research council, and mentor an additional six junior faculty on hypoxia research-related topics.

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Academic Article Acute mountain sickness and acetazolamide. Clinical efficacy and effect on ventilation.
Academic Article Sea-level physical activity and acute mountain sickness at moderate altitude.
Academic Article How well do older persons tolerate moderate altitude?
Academic Article Clove cigarettes and high-altitude pulmonary edema.
Academic Article Body fluid alterations during head-down bed rest in men at moderate altitude.
Academic Article Ventilation during simulated altitude, normobaric hypoxia and normoxic hypobaria.
Academic Article Acute mountain sickness: increased severity during simulated altitude compared with normobaric hypoxia.
Academic Article Effects of prolonged head-down bed rest on physiological responses to moderate hypoxia.
Academic Article Exercise exacerbates acute mountain sickness at simulated high altitude.
Academic Article Unchanged cerebral blood flow and oxidative metabolism after acclimatization to high altitude.
Academic Article Frontiers of hypoxia research: acute mountain sickness.
Academic Article Children at high altitude: an international consensus statement by an ad hoc committee of the International Society for Mountain Medicine, March 12, 2001.
Academic Article Prolonged hypobaric hypoxemia attenuates vasopressin secretion and renal response to osmostimulation in men.
Academic Article The effect of vasodilators on pulmonary hemodynamics in high altitude pulmonary edema: a comparison.
Academic Article Renal carbonic anhydrase inhibition reduces high altitude sleep periodic breathing.
Academic Article High altitude cerebral edema.
Academic Article Cerebral vasoreactivity in Andeans and headache at sea level.
Academic Article Treatment of acute mountain sickness: hyperbaric versus oxygen therapy.
Academic Article Consensus statement on chronic and subacute high altitude diseases.
Academic Article Intracardiac shunting across a patent foramen ovale may exacerbate hypoxemia in high-altitude pulmonary edema.
Academic Article Effects of acute hypoxia on cerebral and muscle oxygenation during incremental exercise.
Academic Article Measuring mountain maladies.
Academic Article Operation Everest II: ventilatory adaptation during gradual decompression to extreme altitude.
Academic Article Optic nerve sheath diameter, intracranial pressure and acute mountain sickness on Mount Everest: a longitudinal cohort study.
Academic Article Hypoxemia and acute mountain sickness: which comes first?
Academic Article Acute mountain sickness: pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment.
Academic Article Genomic analysis of high altitude adaptation: innovations and implications.
Academic Article Ventilation is greater in women than men, but the increase during acute altitude hypoxia is the same.
Academic Article High-altitude illness.
Academic Article Acetazolamide in the treatment of acute mountain sickness: clinical efficacy and effect on gas exchange.
Academic Article Dexamethasone for prevention and treatment of acute mountain sickness.
Academic Article High-altitude pulmonary edema. Characteristics of lung lavage fluid.
Academic Article Abnormal control of ventilation in high-altitude pulmonary edema.
Academic Article Acute mountain sickness, antacids, and ventilation during rapid, active ascent of Mount Rainier.
Academic Article Acute mountain sickness in a general tourist population at moderate altitudes.
Academic Article Acute ventilatory response to simulated altitude, normobaric hypoxia, and hypobaria.
Academic Article Arterial oxygen saturation for prediction of acute mountain sickness.
Academic Article Dynamic cerebral autoregulation at high altitude.
Academic Article Oral contraceptives, exercise, and acute mountain sickness in women.
Academic Article Body temperature, autonomic responses, and acute mountain sickness.
Academic Article Early fluid retention and severe acute mountain sickness.
Academic Article Role of hypobaria in fluid balance response to hypoxia.
Academic Article Enhanced leukocyte HIF-1alpha and HIF-1 DNA binding in humans after rapid ascent to 4300 m.
Academic Article Acute hypoxia impairs dynamic cerebral autoregulation: results from two independent techniques.
Academic Article Endurance performance at altitude.
Academic Article Mortality on Mount Everest, 1921-2006: descriptive study.
Academic Article Effects of hypobaric hypoxia on cerebral autoregulation.
Academic Article High-end arteriolar resistance limits uterine artery blood flow and restricts fetal growth in preeclampsia and gestational hypertension at high altitude.
Academic Article Effects of acetazolamide and dexamethasone on cerebral hemodynamics in hypoxia.
Academic Article Altitude, life expectancy and mortality from ischaemic heart disease, stroke, COPD and cancers: national population-based analysis of US counties.
Academic Article Pro: Headache should be a required symptom for the diagnosis of acute mountain sickness.
Academic Article Acute mountain sickness, inflammation, and permeability: new insights from a blood biomarker study.
Academic Article The lung at high altitude: bronchoalveolar lavage in acute mountain sickness and pulmonary edema.
Academic Article Medical therapy of altitude illness.
Academic Article Respiratory stimulants and sleep periodic breathing at high altitude. Almitrine versus acetazolamide.
Academic Article High altitude pulmonary edema and exercise at 4,400 meters on Mount McKinley. Effect of expiratory positive airway pressure.
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