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Academic Article Positive influence of AP-2alpha transcription factor on cadherin gene expression and differentiation of the ocular surface.
Academic Article AP-2alpha selectively regulates fragile X mental retardation-1 gene transcription during embryonic development.
Academic Article Frontal nasal prominence expression driven by Tcfap2a relies on a conserved binding site for STAT proteins.
Academic Article Conditional deletion of activating protein 2alpha (AP-2alpha) in the developing retina demonstrates non-cell-autonomous roles for AP-2alpha in optic cup development.
Academic Article AP-2 factors act in concert with Notch to orchestrate terminal differentiation in skin epidermis.
Academic Article Vgll2a is required for neural crest cell survival during zebrafish craniofacial development.
Academic Article Transcription factor AP-2gamma is essential in the extra-embryonic lineages for early postimplantation development.
Academic Article A morpholino-based screen to identify novel genes involved in craniofacial morphogenesis.
Academic Article Reduction of adrenal and kidney epinephrine and phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase in AP-2 knockout mouse fetuses.
Academic Article Cloning and characterization of the mouse AP-2 epsilon gene: a novel family member expressed in the developing olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Requirement for AP-2alpha in cardiac outflow tract morphogenesis.
Academic Article FGFR1 function at the earliest stages of mouse limb development plays an indispensable role in subsequent autopod morphogenesis.
Academic Article TAp63alpha induces AP-2gamma as an early event in epidermal morphogenesis.
Academic Article Identification and analysis of a conserved Tcfap2a intronic enhancer element required for expression in facial and limb bud mesenchyme.
Academic Article AP-2alpha knockout mice exhibit optic cup patterning defects and failure of optic stalk morphogenesis.
Academic Article Spatial and temporal analysis of gene expression during growth and fusion of the mouse facial prominences.
Academic Article Generation and characterization of a novel neural crest marker allele, Inka1-LacZ, reveals a role for Inka1 in mouse neural tube closure.
Academic Article The transcription factors AP-2ß and AP-2a are required for survival of sympathetic progenitors and differentiated sympathetic neurons.
Academic Article Overlapping expression patterns and redundant roles for AP-2 transcription factors in the developing mammalian retina.
Academic Article Activation of the hedgehog signaling pathway in the developing lens stimulates ectopic FoxE3 expression and disruption in fiber cell differentiation.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Academic Article Overexpression of transcription factor AP-2alpha suppresses mammary gland growth and morphogenesis.
Academic Article AP-2alpha transcription factor is required for early morphogenesis of the lens vesicle.
Academic Article AP-2-null cells disrupt morphogenesis of the eye, face, and limbs in chimeric mice.
Academic Article Chicken transcription factor AP-2: cloning, expression and its role in outgrowth of facial prominences and limb buds.
Academic Article Distinct requirements for cranial ectoderm and mesenchyme-derived wnts in specification and differentiation of osteoblast and dermal progenitors.
Academic Article AP-2a is required after lens vesicle formation to maintain lens integrity.
Academic Article Anisotropic stress orients remodelling of mammalian limb bud ectoderm.
Academic Article AP-2ß Is a Downstream Effector of PITX2 Required to Specify Endothelium and Establish Angiogenic Privilege During Corneal Development.
Academic Article The old and new face of craniofacial research: How animal models inform human craniofacial genetic and clinical data.
Academic Article MEMO1 drives cranial endochondral ossification and palatogenesis.
Academic Article TFAP2 paralogs regulate melanocyte differentiation in parallel with MITF.
Academic Article A tissue-specific role for intraflagellar transport genes during craniofacial development.
Academic Article Systems biology of facial development: contributions of ectoderm and mesenchyme.
Academic Article AP-2a and AP-2ß cooperatively orchestrate homeobox gene expression during branchial arch patterning.
Academic Article Face morphogenesis is promoted by Pbx-dependent EMT via regulation of Snail1 during frontonasal prominence fusion.
Academic Article Conditional Deletion of AP-2a and AP-2ß in the Developing Murine Retina Leads to Altered Amacrine Cell Mosaics and Disrupted Visual Function.
Academic Article Increased FGF8 signaling promotes chondrogenic rather than osteogenic development in the embryonic skull.
Academic Article The TFAP2A-IRF6-GRHL3 genetic pathway is conserved in neurulation.
Academic Article The molecular anatomy of mammalian upper lip and primary palate fusion at single cell resolution.
Academic Article Ep400 deficiency in Schwann cells causes persistent expression of early developmental regulators and peripheral neuropathy.
Academic Article Cleft lip and cleft palate in Esrp1 knockout mice is associated with alterations in epithelial-mesenchymal crosstalk.
Academic Article AP-2ß is required for formation of the murine trabecular meshwork and Schlemm's canal.
Academic Article AP-2? Is Required for Maintenance of Multipotent Mammary Stem Cells.
Academic Article Conditional Deletion of AP-2ß in the Periocular Mesenchyme of Mice Alters Corneal Epithelial Cell Fate and Stratification.

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