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Academic Article Assessing evidence-based dermatology and evidence-based internal medicine curricula in US residency training programs: a national survey.
Academic Article Demand outstrips supply of US pediatric dermatologists: results from a national survey.
Academic Article Dermatoepidemiology.
Academic Article A win-win proposition: fostering US health care consumer involvement in the Cochrane Collaboration Skin Group.
Academic Article The Cochrane Skin Group: promoting the best evidence.
Academic Article Indoor tanning attitudes and practices of US dermatologists compared with other medical specialists.
Academic Article Dermatology Internet Yellow Page advertising.
Academic Article Cochrane Skin Group systematic reviews are more methodologically rigorous than other systematic reviews in dermatology.
Academic Article Uniform resource locator decay in dermatology journals: author attitudes and preservation practices.
Academic Article Clinical questions asked by medical students: a learning tool for dermatology rotations.
Academic Article Co-publishing Cochrane Library systematic reviews: journal editor and Cochrane Skin Group author experiences.
Academic Article Systematic reviews: grading recommendations and evidence quality.
Academic Article US dermatology residents' satisfaction with training and mentoring: survey results from the 2005 and 2006 Las Vegas Dermatology Seminars.
Academic Article Health care inequities: an introduction for dermatology providers.
Academic Article Survey research in dermatology: guidelines for success.
Academic Article Consumer empowerment in dermatology.
Academic Article Dermatology internet resources.
Academic Article Social internet sites as a source of public health information.
Academic Article Reviewing dermatology manuscripts and publications.
Academic Article Dermatology education and the Internet: traditional and cutting-edge resources.
Academic Article Introduction: US dermatologic health care needs assessment.
Academic Article Infectious skin diseases: a review and needs assessment.
Academic Article Conclusions and recommendations: United States dermatologic health care need assessment.
Academic Article The role of systematic reviews and meta-analysis in dermatology.
Academic Article What is the point of databases of reviews for dermatology if all they compile is "insufficient evidence"?
Academic Article Time for all dermatology societies to adopt smoke-free policies.
Academic Article What dermatologists do not know about smallpox vaccination: results from a worldwide electronic survey.
Academic Article Refining dermatology journal impact factors using PageRank.
Academic Article The increasing importance of systematic reviews in clinical dermatology research and publication.
Academic Article Institutional review board approval for surveys: why it is necessary.
Academic Article Substandard requirements for clinical research publication in dermatology journals.
Academic Article Similar deficiencies in procedural dermatology and dermatopathology fellow evaluation despite different periods of ACGME accreditation: results of a national survey.
Academic Article Reinterpreting the fate of manuscripts declined by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Academic Article Self-archiving dermatology articles.
Academic Article A North American perspective on dermoscopy: benefits, limitations, and grey zones.
Academic Article Dermatology information on the Internet: an appraisal by dermatologists and dermatology residents.
Academic Article Benchmarking US Department of Veterans Affairs dermatologic services: results from a national survey.
Academic Article Internet social networking sites and the future of dermatology journals: promises and perils.
Academic Article Acne vulgaris: pathogenesis, treatment, and needs assessment.
Academic Article The growth of clinical trials and systematic reviews in informing dermatological patient care.
Academic Article United States skin disease needs assessment. Preface.
Academic Article Ethical issues regarding caring for dermatology patients in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System.
Academic Article Dermatology podcasting: an untapped resource for continuing education.
Academic Article Internet dermatology resources.
Concept Dermatology
Academic Article Physician survey of dermatology quality reporting initiatives in Colorado.
Academic Article Mobile applications in dermatology.
Academic Article An update of dermatologist usage of the Physician Quality Reporting System in Colorado for 2011.
Academic Article The Cochrane Skin Group: a vanguard for developing and promoting evidence-based dermatology.
Academic Article Social networking sites: emerging and essential tools for communication in dermatology.
Academic Article Keep on "Liking" us: the JAAD's Facebook page turns 2 years old.
Academic Article Social media impact factor: the top ten dermatology journals on Facebook and Twitter.
Academic Article Tanning bed legislation and the dermatologist.
Academic Article The global burden of skin disease in 2010: an analysis of the prevalence and impact of skin conditions.
Academic Article Do the clinical diagnostic skills of dermatologists correlate with the histopathological gold standard?
Academic Article Dermatology on Tumblr.
Academic Article Dermatology on YouTube.
Academic Article Dermatology on instagram.
Academic Article Impact of a dermatology wiki website on dermatology education.
Academic Article Dermatology on pinterest.
Academic Article Update on mobile applications in dermatology.
Academic Article Teledermatology as an educational tool for teaching dermatology to residents and medical students.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest in dermatology: a medical student and mentor perspective.
Academic Article Analysis of Online Ratings of Dermatologists.
Academic Article Evaluating Dermatology Residency Program Websites.
Academic Article Dermatology in Doximity.
Academic Article Resident perspectives on a dermatology Quality Improvement curriculum: the University of Colorado experience.
Academic Article Dermatology Interest Groups in Medical Schools.
Academic Article Shared decision making and patient decision aids in dermatology.
Academic Article A systematic review of satisfaction with teledermatology.
Grant Dermatology Comparative Effectiveness Research: Annual meeting of the Cochrane S
Grant Melanoma Chemoprevention
Grant 7th International Dermato-Epidemiology Association (IDEA) Congress
Academic Article The role of cannabinoids in dermatology.
Academic Article Prevalence of pediatric alopecia areata among 572,617 dermatology patients.
Academic Article Dermatology training across the globe.
Academic Article Dermatology training across the globe, part II: a summary of the literature.
Academic Article Wilderness dermatology: mountain exposures.
Academic Article Dermatology on Snapchat.
Academic Article Dermatology on Reddit: elucidating trends in dermatologic communications on the world wide web.
Academic Article How data can deliver for dermatology.
Academic Article An updated assessment of social media usage by dermatology journals and organizations.
Academic Article Growth of mobile applications in dermatology - 2017 update.
Academic Article Industry payments to dermatologists: updates from the 2016 open payment data.
Academic Article Dermatology on Google.
Academic Article Cannabinoids in dermatology: a scoping review.
Academic Article Chinese institutional payments for publishing dermatology journal articles.
Academic Article Tracking Mohs micrographic surgery referrals at the VA.
Academic Article Development of Patient Decision Aids for Plaque Psoriasis and Acne.
Academic Article Evaluating dermatology curricula in US medical schools.
Academic Article Dermatology on Flickr.
Academic Article Corrigendum: Editorial boards of dermatology journals and their potential financial conflict of interest.
Academic Article Editorial boards of dermatology journals and their potential financial conflict of interest.
Academic Article Dermatology on YouTube - an update and analysis of new trends.
Academic Article An assessment of social media usage by dermatology residency programs.
Academic Article Healthcare and dermatology on WeChat.
Academic Article Prioritization of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.
Academic Article The most cited articles and authors in dermatology: A bibliometric analysis of 1974-2019.
Grant Cochrane Skin Annual meeting: Dermatology Comparative Effectiveness Research 2010-2020
Academic Article New ways to learn: Enhanced social media and JAAD virtual journal club 1 year later.
Academic Article Dermatology Tactile Learning Tool: Development and student evaluation of an interactive 3-dimensional skin lesion model for medical student education.
Academic Article Implementation of a patient-assisted teledermatology model in the Veteran Health Administration.
Academic Article Widening the scope of virtual reality and augmented reality in dermatology.
Academic Article Reliability of self-reported data on social media versus National Residency Match Program charting outcomes for dermatology applicants.
Academic Article Holistic dermatology: An evidence-based review of modifiable lifestyle factor associations with dermatologic disorders.
Academic Article A survey of article types in the dermatology literature.
Academic Article Quality and Reporting Completeness of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Dermatology.
Academic Article An Analysis of Skin of Color Dermatology Related Content on Instagram.
Academic Article Reply to Response to: "Reliability of self-reported data on social media vs National Residency Match Program charting outcomes for dermatology applicants".
Academic Article Top authors in dermatology by h-index: A bibliometric analysis of 1980-2020.
Academic Article A Review of the Current Evidence Connecting Seborrheic Dermatitis and Parkinson's Disease and the Potential Role of Oral Cannabinoids.
Academic Article Teledermatology application use in the COVID-19 era.
Academic Article A Clinical Impact Score: a novel and clinically significant measure of journal influence.
Academic Article Gender representation in the authorship of dermatology publications.
Academic Article Top authors in dermatology: Comparisons of standardized database citation indicators.
Academic Article Dermatologic Research Potential of the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) Network.
Academic Article A survey of osteopathic physician and student authorship in the dermatology literature.
Academic Article A quantitative analysis of research publications focused on skin of color: Representation in academic dermatology journals.
Academic Article From the Cochrane library: Teledermatology for diagnosing skin cancer in adults.
Academic Article Gender analysis of publishing among medical students in dermatology.
Academic Article Usage and engagement with Instagram by dermatology residency programs during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with Twitter and Facebook.
Academic Article From the Cochrane Library: Emollients and Moisturizers for Eczema.
Academic Article GUIDEMAP: an open-access dermatology guidelines repository.
Academic Article Interferon and Toll-Like Receptor 7 Response in COVID-19: Implications of Topical Imiquimod for Prophylaxis and Treatment.
Academic Article Artificial intelligence in dermatology.
Academic Article From the Cochrane Library: Statins and Fibrates for Preventing Melanoma.

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