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Academic Article Young women's condom use: the influence of acceptance of sexuality, control over the sexual encounter, and perceived susceptibility to common STDs.
Academic Article Tests of the mediational role of preparatory safer sexual behavior in the context of the theory of planned behavior.
Academic Article Information-motivation-behavioral skills model-based HIV risk behavior change intervention for inner-city high school youth.
Academic Article Effectiveness of an HIV prevention intervention in prison among African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians.
Academic Article A transdisciplinary model integrating genetic, physiological, and psychological correlates of voluntary exercise.
Academic Article Motivational enhancement therapy for high-risk adolescent smokers.
Academic Article CHRNA4 and tobacco dependence: from gene regulation to treatment outcome.
Academic Article Accuracy of the stages of change algorithm: sexual risk reported in the maintenance stage of change.
Academic Article Regression mixture models of alcohol use and risky sexual behavior among criminally-involved adolescents.
Academic Article Predictors of sexual aggression among male juvenile offenders.
Academic Article The impact of depression on abstinence self-efficacy and substance use outcomes among emerging adults in residential treatment.
Academic Article Effects of current physical activity on affective response to exercise: physical and social-cognitive mechanisms.
Academic Article Increasing condom use: evaluation of a theory-based intervention to prevent sexually transmitted diseases in young women.
Academic Article Tobacco and alcohol use as an explanation for the association between externalizing behavior and illicit drug use among delinquent adolescents.
Academic Article Predicting aerobic versus resistance exercise using the theory of planned behavior.
Academic Article Condom use among high-risk adolescents: testing the influence of alcohol use on the relationship of cognitive correlates of behavior.
Academic Article Consistent condom use among juvenile detainees: the role of individual differences, social bonding, and health beliefs.
Academic Article Condom use among South African adolescents: developing and testing theoretical models of intentions and behavior.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on age at sexual initiation in the Colorado Adoption Project.
Academic Article Alcohol use and protective sexual behaviors among high-risk adolescents.
Academic Article HIV risk reduction among detained adolescents: a randomized, controlled trial.
Academic Article What makes group MET work? A randomized controlled trial of college student drinkers in mandated alcohol diversion.
Academic Article Positive outlook as a moderator of the effectiveness of an HIV/STI intervention with adolescents in detention.
Academic Article Randomized trial of group interventions to reduce HIV/STD risk and change theoretical mediators among detained adolescents.
Academic Article Associations of marijuana use and sex-related marijuana expectancies with HIV/STD risk behavior in high-risk adolescents.
Academic Article An expanded model of the temporal stability of condom use intentions: gender-specific predictors among high-risk adolescents.
Academic Article Preliminary evidence for associations of CHRM2 with substance use and disinhibition in adolescence.
Academic Article Aerobic capacity testing with inactive individuals: the role of subjective experience.
Academic Article Latent variable mixture modeling: a flexible statistical approach for identifying and classifying heterogeneity.
Academic Article Marijuana use and risky sexual behavior among high-risk adolescents: trajectories, risk factors, and event-level relationships.
Concept Adolescent Development
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Adolescent
Academic Article Integrating brain and behavior: evaluating adolescents' response to a cannabis intervention.
Academic Article The economic impact of project MARS (motivating adolescents to reduce sexual risk).
Academic Article Exploring racial/ethnic differences in substance use: a preliminary theory-based investigation with juvenile justice-involved youth.
Academic Article Associations between fractional anisotropy and problematic alcohol use in juvenile justice-involved adolescents.
Academic Article Continued detention involvement and adolescent marijuana use trajectories.
Academic Article Colorado stride (COSTRIDE): testing genetic and physiological moderators of response to an intervention to increase physical activity.
Academic Article Relationships between marijuana dependence and condom use intentions and behavior among justice-involved adolescents.
Academic Article We want the same thing: projection in judgments of sexual intent.
Academic Article Cannabis cue reactivity and craving among never, infrequent and heavy cannabis users.
Academic Article Nucleus Accumbens Volume Is Associated with Frequency of Alcohol Use among Juvenile Justice-Involved Adolescents.
Academic Article Exploring the relationship of functional network connectivity to latent trajectories of alcohol use and risky sex.
Academic Article Predictors of sexual coercion and alcohol use among female juvenile offenders.
Academic Article Functional connectivity and cannabis use in high-risk adolescents.
Academic Article Evaluating the construct validity of adult ADHD and SCT among college students: a multitrait-multimethod analysis of convergent and discriminant validity.
Academic Article Daily marijuana use is not associated with brain morphometric measures in adolescents or adults.
Academic Article Neural activation during response inhibition is associated with adolescents' frequency of risky sex and substance use.
Academic Article A Question of Love and Trust? The Role of Relationship Factors in Adolescent Sexual Decision Making.
Academic Article Testing an expanded theory of planned behavior model to explain marijuana use among emerging adults in a promarijuana community.
Academic Article Functional activation during the Stroop is associated with recent alcohol but not marijuana use among high-risk youth.
Academic Article Heterogeneity in the Relationship of Substance Use to Risky Sexual Behavior Among Justice-Involved Youth: A Regression Mixture Modeling Approach.
Academic Article A pilot study of women's affective responses to common and uncommon forms of aerobic exercise.
Academic Article Does incentive-elicited nucleus accumbens activation differ by substance of abuse? An examination with adolescents.
Academic Article Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience of Adolescent Sexual Risk and Alcohol Use.
Academic Article What keeps a body moving? The brain-derived neurotrophic factor val66met polymorphism and intrinsic motivation to exercise in humans.
Academic Article Eating pathology in female gymnasts: potential risk and protective factors.
Academic Article Changing the Context Is Important and Necessary, but Not Sufficient, for Reducing Adolescent Risky Sexual Behavior: A Reply to Steinberg (2015).
Academic Article Relationships Between Future Orientation, Impulsive Sensation Seeking, and Risk Behavior Among Adjudicated Adolescents.
Academic Article Evaluating an Integrative Theoretical Framework for HIV Sexual Risk among Juvenile Justice involved Adolescents.
Academic Article What to expect when you're exercising: An experimental test of the anticipated affect-exercise relationship.
Academic Article Testing a Risky Sex Behavior Intervention Pilot Website for Adolescents.
Academic Article What Works? An Empirical Perspective on How to Retain Youth in Longitudinal Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Substance Risk Reduction Studies.
Grant Exercise and markers of medial temporal health in youth at-risk for psychosis
Grant Alcohol, Marijuana, and Risky Sex: Group Interventions with Detained Adolescents
Grant HIV prevention with adolescents: Neurocognitive deficits and treatment response
Grant Adolescent decision making and HIV risk avoidance: Neurocognitive factors
Grant Marijuana use, gender, and adolescent HIV sexual risk
Grant Exercise and markers of medial temporal health in youth at-risk for psychosis
Academic Article Neural mechanisms of risky decision making in adolescents reporting frequent alcohol and/or marijuana use.
Academic Article Structural neuroimaging correlates of alcohol and cannabis use in adolescents and adults.
Academic Article Risky Sex in High-Risk Adolescents: Associations with Alcohol Use, Marijuana Use, and Co-Occurring Use.
Academic Article A Supervised Exercise Intervention for Youth at Risk for Psychosis: An Open-Label Pilot Study.
Academic Article The dynamics of success and failure: how post-behaviour evaluations relate to subsequent exercise intentions and behaviour.
Academic Article Effect of Including Alcohol and Cannabis Content in a Sexual Risk-Reduction Intervention on the Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Adolescents: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Neural Correlates of Risky Sex and Response Inhibition in High-Risk Adolescents.
Academic Article Sexual risk-taking and subcortical brain volume in adolescence.
Academic Article Neural activation during delay discounting is associated with 6-month change in risky sexual behavior in adolescents.
Academic Article Featured Article: Adolescent Condom Use and Connectivity in the Social-Planful Brain.
Academic Article Latent Profile Analysis of Alcohol Consumption and Sexual Attitudes Among College Women: Associations With Sexual Victimization Risk.
Academic Article Correlates and Potential Confounds of Cannabis Withdrawal Among High-Risk Adolescents.
Academic Article Recent tobacco use has widespread associations with adolescent white matter microstructure.
Academic Article Validation of a multisubstance online Timeline Followback assessment.
Academic Article Have we missed the boat? The current, preventable surge of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States.
Academic Article Mechanisms of Action for Empirically Supported Interventions to Reduce Adolescent Sexual Risk Behavior: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Substance Use, Risky Sex, and Peer Interactions Predict Sexual Assault Among College Women: An Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Study.
Academic Article Randomized Trial to Reduce Risky Sexual Behavior Among Justice-Involved Adolescents.
Academic Article Randomized Controlled Trial of an Alcohol-related Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention with Adolescents: The Role of Neurocognitive Activation During Risky Decision-Making.
Academic Article Randomized controlled trial of motivational interviewing for alcohol and cannabis use within a predominantly Hispanic adolescent sample.
Academic Article Complementarity in daily marijuana and alcohol among emerging adults.

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