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Academic Article Possible effects of forced report order on tachistoscopic recognition of bilaterally presented stimuli: a response to Young and Ellis.
Academic Article Target detection in left and right hemispace: effects of positional pre-cuing and type of background.
Academic Article Interhemispheric interaction affected by computational complexity.
Academic Article A life-span perspective on interaction between the cerebral hemispheres.
Academic Article Anterior cingulate cortex: an fMRI analysis of conflict specificity and functional differentiation.
Academic Article Specificity of regional brain activity in anxiety types during emotion processing.
Academic Article Double take: parallel processing by the cerebral hemispheres reduces attentional blink.
Academic Article The effects of developmental factors on IQ in hemiplegic children.
Academic Article Age differences in sensation seeking and impulsivity as indexed by behavior and self-report: evidence for a dual systems model.
Academic Article Age differences in future orientation and delay discounting.
Academic Article Age differences in affective decision making as indexed by performance on the Iowa Gambling Task.
Academic Article The time course of activity in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex during top-down attentional control.
Academic Article Symptom-correlated brain regions in young adults with combined-type ADHD: their organization, variability, and relation to behavioral performance.
Academic Article Behavioral performance predicts grey matter reductions in the right inferior frontal gyrus in young adults with combined type ADHD.
Academic Article Trait approach and avoidance motivation: lateralized neural activity associated with executive function.
Academic Article Depression and anxious apprehension distinguish frontocingulate cortical activity during top-down attentional control.
Academic Article Interhemispheric interaction during childhood: I. Neurologically intact children.
Academic Article Interhemispheric interaction during childhood: II. Children with early-treated phenylketonuria.
Academic Article The relative involvement of anterior cingulate and prefrontal cortex in attentional control depends on nature of conflict.
Academic Article Brain activity related to the ability to inhibit previous task sets: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Hemispheric biases and the control of visuospatial attention: an ERP study.
Academic Article Interhemispheric integration in psychopathic offenders.
Academic Article Relationship between intelligence and the size and composition of the corpus callosum.
Academic Article Differential engagement of anterior cingulate cortex subdivisions for cognitive and emotional function.
Academic Article Brain activation during the Stroop task in adolescents with severe substance and conduct problems: A pilot study.
Academic Article Are adolescents less mature than adults?: minors' access to abortion, the juvenile death penalty, and the alleged APA "flip-flop".
Academic Article Co-occurring anxiety influences patterns of brain activity in depression.
Academic Article Corpus callosum morphology in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a meta-analytic review.
Academic Article Inhibitory control of memory retrieval and motor processing associated with the right lateral prefrontal cortex: evidence from deficits in individuals with ADHD.
Academic Article Interhemispheric interaction expands attentional capacity in an auditory selective attention task.
Academic Article The neural basis of sustained and transient attentional control in young adults with ADHD.
Academic Article Risky decisions and their consequences: neural processing by boys with Antisocial Substance Disorder.
Academic Article Reduced cortical gray matter volume in male adolescents with substance and conduct problems.
Academic Article Cognitive control in adolescence: neural underpinnings and relation to self-report behaviors.
Academic Article A brain network instantiating approach and avoidance motivation.
Academic Article Cognitive control reflects context monitoring, not motoric stopping, in response inhibition.
Academic Article Face recognition: a general or specific right hemisphere capacity?
Concept Adolescent Development
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Adolescent
Academic Article Developmental trends and individual differences in brain systems involved in intertemporal choice during adolescence.
Academic Article ERPs and neural oscillations during volitional suppression of memory retrieval.
Academic Article Default mode network activity in male adolescents with conduct and substance use disorder.
Academic Article Transdiagnostic dimensions of anxiety and depression moderate motivation-related brain networks during goal maintenance.
Academic Article Resting-state networks predict individual differences in common and specific aspects of executive function.
Academic Article Distracted and down: neural mechanisms of affective interference in subclinical depression.
Academic Article Female adolescents with severe substance and conduct problems have substantially less brain gray matter volume.
Academic Article Adolescents' Neural Processing of Risky Decisions: Effects of Sex and Behavioral Disinhibition.
Academic Article Familial risk and ADHD-specific neural activity revealed by case-control, discordant twin pair design.
Academic Article Brain cortical thickness in male adolescents with serious substance use and conduct problems.
Academic Article Brain activation underlying threat detection to targets of different races.
Academic Article Brain Cortical Thickness Differences in Adolescent Females with Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Functional connectivity at rest is sensitive to individual differences in executive function: A network analysis.
Academic Article Imaging decision about whether to benefit self by harming others: Adolescents with conduct and substance problems, with or without callous-unemotionality, or developing typically.
Grant IBSC Determinants of Executive Function and Dysfunction
Grant Prefrontal Mechanisms of Selection: Disrupted in Internalizing Psychopathology?
Grant Brain Mapping and Genetics of Executive Function in ADHD
Academic Article The utility of twins in developmental cognitive neuroscience research: How twins strengthen the ABCD research design.
Academic Article Adolescent neurocognitive development and impacts of substance use: Overview of the adolescent brain cognitive development (ABCD) baseline neurocognition battery.
Academic Article The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study: Imaging acquisition across 21 sites.
Academic Article Altered selection during language processing in individuals at high risk for psychosis.
Academic Article Turning down the heat: Neural mechanisms of cognitive control for inhibiting task-irrelevant emotional information during adolescence.
Academic Article Characterizing and decomposing the neural correlates of individual differences in reading ability among adolescents with task-based fMRI.
Academic Article Image processing and analysis methods for the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study.
Academic Article Left posterior prefrontal regions support domain-general executive processes needed for both reading and math.
Grant 14/21 ABCD-USA Consortium: Research Project Site at CU Boulder
Academic Article Changes to information in working memory depend on distinct removal operations.
Academic Article Rates of Incidental Findings in Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Children.
Academic Article Correspondence Between Perceived Pubertal Development and Hormone Levels in 9-10 Year-Olds From the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study.
Academic Article Baseline brain function in the preadolescents of the ABCD Study.
Academic Article Substance use patterns in 9-10 year olds: Baseline findings from the adolescent brain cognitive development (ABCD) study.
Academic Article Children's Knowledge of Cannabis and Other Substances in States with Different Cannabis Use Regulations.
Academic Article The Emotional Word-Emotional Face Stroop task in the ABCD study: Psychometric validation and associations with measures of cognition and psychopathology.
Academic Article Age-related changes and longitudinal stability of individual differences in ABCD Neurocognition measures.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical Correlates of Perceived Stress Controllability in Adolescents and Emerging Adults.

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