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Concept Neuropsychological Tests
Academic Article Acute and longitudinal changes in motor cortex function following mild traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Neurological tests improve after Olympic-style boxing bouts: a pretournament and post-tournament study in the 2016 Women's World Boxing Championships.
Academic Article The effect of cognitive task complexity on gait stability in adolescents following concussion.
Academic Article Effects of concussion on attention and executive function in adolescents.
Academic Article The utility of instrumented dual-task gait and tablet-based neurocognitive measurements after concussion.
Academic Article Gait and Quiet-Stance Performance Among Adolescents After Concussion-Symptom Resolution.
Academic Article Reduced dual-task gait speed is associated with visual Go/No-Go brain network activation in children and adolescents with concussion.
Academic Article Objective Eye Tracking Deficits Following Concussion for Youth Seen in a Sports Medicine Setting.
Academic Article National Rugby League match scheduling and rate of concussion.
Academic Article Tandem Gait Test-Retest Reliability Among Healthy Child and Adolescent Athletes.
Academic Article The association between multiple prior concussions, cognitive test scores, and symptom reporting in youth rugby league players.
Academic Article Static and Dynamic Cognitive Performance in Youth and Collegiate Athletes With Concussion.
Academic Article Dual-Task Gait Recovery after Concussion among Female and Male Collegiate Athletes.
Academic Article Examination of Reaction Time Deficits Following Concussion: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Academic Article No differences in tandem gait performance between male and female athletes acutely post-concussion.
Academic Article The diagnostic and prognostic utility of the dual-task tandem gait test for pediatric concussion.
Academic Article Reliability of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5 baseline testing: A 2-week test-retest study.
Academic Article Executive dysfunction after multiple concussions is not related to cerebrovascular dysfunction.
Academic Article Association between post-concussion symptoms and oculomotor deficits among adolescents.
Academic Article The Association between Baseline Eye Tracking Performance and Concussion Assessments in High School Football Players.
Academic Article Influential Factors and Preliminary Reference Data for a Clinically Feasible, Functional Reaction Time Assessment: The Standardized Assessment of Reaction Time.
Academic Article Relationship and Latent Factors Between Clinical Concussion Assessments and the Functional Standardized Assessment of Reaction Time (StART).
Academic Article Patient Characteristics Predictive of Immediate and Delayed Word Recall Performance Following Adolescent Concussion.
Academic Article No Association Between Processing Speed and Risk of Sport-Related Concussion in Youth Soccer.
Academic Article Concussion Symptoms and Neurocognitive Performance of Children and Adolescents on Antidepressants.

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