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Concept Chromatin Assembly Factor-1
Concept Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Concept Chromatin
Concept Chromatin Assembly and Disassembly
Academic Article 'Lnc'-ing enhancers to MYC regulation.
Academic Article "Cat's Cradling" the 3D Genome by the Act of LncRNA Transcription.
Academic Article lincRNAs act in the circuitry controlling pluripotency and differentiation.
Academic Article lncRNAs: linking RNA to chromatin.
Academic Article Chromatin signature of embryonic pluripotency is established during genome activation.
Academic Article Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR reprograms chromatin state to promote cancer metastasis.
Academic Article Many human large intergenic noncoding RNAs associate with chromatin-modifying complexes and affect gene expression.
Academic Article Systematic identification of long noncoding RNAs expressed during zebrafish embryogenesis.
Academic Article Chromatin signature reveals over a thousand highly conserved large non-coding RNAs in mammals.
Academic Article The histone chaperone CAF-1 safeguards somatic cell identity.
Academic Article RNA traffic control of chromatin complexes.
Academic Article Topological organization of multichromosomal regions by the long intergenic noncoding RNA Firre.
Academic Article Transcriptional and epigenetic dynamics during specification of human embryonic stem cells.
Academic Article Widespread RNA binding by chromatin-associated proteins.
Academic Article Integrative Analyses of Human Reprogramming Reveal Dynamic Nature of Induced Pluripotency.
Academic Article Functional demarcation of active and silent chromatin domains in human HOX loci by noncoding RNAs.
Academic Article Modular regulatory principles of large non-coding RNAs.
Academic Article Chromatin environment, transcriptional regulation, and splicing distinguish lincRNAs and mRNAs.
Academic Article Integrative analyses reveal a long noncoding RNA-mediated sponge regulatory network in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Unbiased reconstruction of a mammalian transcriptional network mediating pathogen responses.
Academic Article Group 1 Innate Lymphoid Cell Lineage Identity Is Determined by a cis-Regulatory Element Marked by a Long Non-coding RNA.
Academic Article p53 regulates enhancer accessibility and activity in response to DNA damage.
Academic Article A TAD boundary is preserved upon deletion of the CTCF-rich Firre locus.
Academic Article Differential contribution of steady-state RNA and active transcription in chromatin organization.
Academic Article RNA is essential for PRC2 chromatin occupancy and function in human pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article Expanded encyclopaedias of DNA elements in the human and mouse genomes.
Academic Article Trans- and cis-acting effects of Firre on epigenetic features of the inactive X chromosome.

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