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Concept Pediatrics
Academic Article Victims of our own success or quo vadis pediatric anesthesia?
Academic Article Sedation, sleep promotion, and delirium screening practices in the care of mechanically ventilated children: a wake-up call for the pediatric critical care community*.
Academic Article Pediatric analgesic clinical trial designs, measures, and extrapolation: report of an FDA scientific workshop.
Academic Article The development of continuous positive airway pressure: an interview with Dr. George Gregory.
Academic Article An Analysis of 34,218 Pediatric Outpatient Controlled Substance Prescriptions.
Academic Article Midazolam-fentanyl intravenous sedation in children: case report of respiratory arrest.
Academic Article Clonidine as an adjunct therapy to opioids for neonatal abstinence syndrome: a randomized, controlled trial.
Academic Article Epidural analgesia in the management of severe vaso-occlusive sickle cell crisis.
Academic Article The management of opioid and benzodiazepine dependence in infants, children, and adolescents.
Academic Article Pain and human immunodeficiency virus infection in children.
Academic Article Knowledge of procedural sedation and analgesia of emergency medicine physicians.
Academic Article History of pediatric anesthesia timeline.
Academic Article A survey of anesthesiologists' knowledge of American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support Resuscitation Guidelines.
Academic Article Assessing controlled substance prescribing errors in a pediatric teaching hospital: an analysis of the safety of analgesic prescription practice in the transition from the hospital to home.
Academic Article Breaking the glass ceiling: an interview with Dr. Shirley Graves, a pioneering woman in medicine.
Academic Article Pain relief.
Academic Article The development of pediatric critical care medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: an interview with Dr. John J. 'Jack' Downes.
Academic Article The pediatric sedation unit: a mechanism for safe sedation.
Academic Article The development of a specialty: an interview with Dr. Mark C. Rogers, a pioneering pediatric intensivist.
Academic Article The myth of conscious sedation.
Academic Article Pediatric transport medicine and the dawn of the pediatric anesthesiology and critical care medicine subspecialty: an interview with pioneer Dr. Alvin Hackel.
Academic Article The development of pediatric anesthesiology and critical care medicine at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital: an interview with Dr. Theodore Striker.
Academic Article Malignant hyperthermia in the early days of pediatric anesthesia: an interview with anesthesiology pioneer, Dr. John F. Ryan.
Academic Article The advancement of pediatric anesthesia pharmacology: David Ryan Cook (scions, serendipity, and six degrees of separation).
Academic Article At the birth of pediatric anesthesia in Mexico: An interview with Dr. Estela Melman, a pioneering woman in medicine.
Academic Article Opioids in the Management of Acute Pediatric Pain: An Update in a Time of Crisis.
Academic Article The development of pediatric fluid resuscitation: an interview with Dr. Frederic A. 'Fritz' Berry.
Academic Article Development and Usability Testing of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Pedi Crisis Mobile Application.
Academic Article Pediatric Airway Management in COVID-19 Patients: Consensus Guidelines From the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia's Pediatric Difficult Intubation Collaborative and the Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society.
Academic Article The opioid epidemic in pediatrics: a 2020 update.
Academic Article A Survey of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia on the Use, Monitoring, and Antagonism of Neuromuscular Blockade.
Academic Article An interview with Dr. Anne Marie Lynn, a pioneering woman in medicine.

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