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Academic Article Unified treatment algorithm for the management of crotaline snakebite in the United States: results of an evidence-informed consensus workshop.
Academic Article Emergency medicine animal research: does use of randomization and blinding affect the results?
Concept Aerospace Medicine
Concept Emergency Medicine
Concept Forensic Medicine
Concept Transportation of Patients
Concept Electron Transport Complex IV
Concept Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine
Concept Military Medicine
Academic Article A comparison of simulation-based education versus lecture-based instruction for toxicology training in emergency medicine residents.
Academic Article Prehospital interventions performed in a combat zone: a prospective multicenter study of 1,003 combat wounded.
Academic Article Hydrogen cyanide related deaths and detection in the blood.
Academic Article Images in clinical medicine. White phosphorus dermal burns.
Academic Article Military medical revolution: deployed hospital and en route care.
Academic Article Military medical revolution: military trauma system.
Academic Article The incidence of fever in US Critical Care Air Transport Team combat trauma patients evacuated from the theater between March 2009 and March 2010.
Academic Article SAEM Training Grants: hoping prior performance indicates future results.
Academic Article Impact of Anemia in Critically Ill Burned Casualties Evacuated From Combat Theater via US Military Critical Care Air Transport Teams.
Academic Article Pain management and opioid risk mitigation in the military.
Academic Article Prehospital and en route analgesic use in the combat setting: a prospectively designed, multicenter, observational study.
Academic Article Bedside rounds versus board rounds in an emergency department.
Academic Article The epidemiology of Critical Care Air Transport Team operations in contemporary warfare.
Academic Article A National Evaluation of the Scholarly Activity Requirement in Residency Programs: A Survey of Emergency Medicine Program Directors.
Academic Article In Reply.
Academic Article Preflight Variables Are Associated With Increased Ventilator Days and 30-Day Mortality in Trauma Casualties Evacuated by Critical Care Air Transport Teams: An Exploratory Retrospective Study.
Academic Article En Route Use of Analgesics in Nonintubated, Critically Ill Patients Transported by U.S. Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Teams.
Academic Article Case Files of the University of Massachusetts Toxicology Fellowship: Does This Smoke Inhalation Victim Require Treatment with Cyanide Antidote?
Academic Article Emergency medicine providers' opioid prescribing practices stratified by gender, age, and years in practice.
Academic Article Combat MEDEVAC: A comparison of care by provider type for en route trauma care in theater and 30-day patient outcomes.
Academic Article Aeromedical evacuation of combat patients by military critical care air transport teams with a lower hemoglobin threshold approach is safe.
Academic Article A Consensus-Driven Agenda for Emergency Medicine Firearm Injury Prevention Research.
Academic Article En route intraosseous access performed in the combat setting.
Academic Article Navy En Route Care: A 3-Year Review of 428 Navy Air Evacuations.
Academic Article Impact of Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) ventilator management on combat mortality.
Academic Article Critical Care Air Transport Team Evacuation of Medical Patients Without Traumatic Injury.
Academic Article Disease and Non-Battle Traumatic Injuries Evaluated by Emergency Physicians in a US Tertiary Combat Hospital.
Academic Article Emergency Physicians at War.
Academic Article Impact of prehospital medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) transport time on combat mortality in patients with non-compressible torso injury and traumatic amputations: a retrospective study.
Academic Article Monitoring Dose Response of Cyanide Antidote Dimethyl Trisulfide in Rabbits Using Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy.
Academic Article En Route Resuscitation - Utilization of CCATT to Transport and Stabilize Critically Injured and Unstable Casualties.
Academic Article Descriptive Analysis of Cardiac Patients Transported by Critical Care Air Transport Teams.
Academic Article Prehospital Interventions Performed in Afghanistan Between November 2009 and March 2014.
Academic Article Influence of Time to Transport to a Higher Level Facility on the Clinical Outcomes of US Combat Casualties with TBI: A Multicenter 7-Year Study.
Academic Article Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury Transported by Critical Care Air Transport Teams: The Influence of Altitude and Oxygenation during Transport.
Academic Article Characterization of Long-range Aeromedical Transport and Its Relationship to the Development of Traumatic Extremity Compartment Syndrome: A 7-year, Retrospective Study.
Academic Article An Analysis of 13 Years of Prehospital Combat Casualty Care: Implications for Maintaining a Ready Medical Force.
Academic Article A Descriptive Analysis of Battlefield First Responder and Combat Lifesaver Interventions during the Role 1 Phase of Care.
Academic Article Improved Adherence to Best Practice Ventilation Management After Implementation of Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for United States Military Critical Care Air Transport Teams (CCATTs).
Academic Article Corrigendum to "Characterizing pediatric supermassive transfusion and the contributing injury patterns in the combat environment" [American Journal of Emergency Medicine 51 (2022) 139-143].
Academic Article An Innovative Civilian Research Model to Inform Combat-Relevant Prolonged Casualty Care.
Academic Article Prolonged casualty care: Extrapolating civilian data to the military context.
Academic Article Response to Letter to the Editor on "Top 10 Research Priorities for U.S. Military En Route Combat Casualty Care".

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