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Clinical validity of a gene expression signature in diagnostically uncertain neoplasms.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression profile data for mouse facial development.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression profiles in chronic idiopathic (spontaneous) urticaria.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression profiles in pulmonary hypertension.Academic Article Why?
A machine learning classifier trained on cancer transcriptomes detects NF1 inactivation signal in glioblastoma.Academic Article Why?
Amalgamated cross-species transcriptomes reveal organ-specific propensity in gene expression evolution.Academic Article Why?
Aptardi predicts polyadenylation sites in sample-specific transcriptomes using high-throughput RNA sequencing and DNA sequence.Academic Article Why?
Extracting a biologically relevant latent space from cancer transcriptomes with variational autoencoders.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression and alternative splicing dynamics are perturbed in female head transcriptomes following heterospecific copulation.Academic Article Why?
A comprehensive analysis of the human placenta transcriptome.Academic Article Why?
Transcriptome analysis of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis biovar Equi in two conditions of the environmental stress.Academic Article Why?
Transcriptome-based design of antisense inhibitors potentiates carbapenem efficacy in CRE Escherichia coli.Academic Article Why?
Spatial transcriptomes within the Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm architecture.Academic Article Why?
Longitudinal Transcriptome Analysis Reveals a Sustained Differential Gene Expression Signature in Patients Treated for Acute Lyme Disease.Academic Article Why?
The floral transcriptome of Eucalyptus grandis.Academic Article Why?
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