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Informing Patient-Centered Care Through Stakeholder Engagement and Highly Stratified Quantitative Benefit-Harm Assessments.Academic Article Why?
Stakeholder Engagement in Pragmatic Clinical Trials: Emphasizing Relationships to Improve Pain Management Delivery and Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Stakeholder feedback informs investigations for chronic rhinosinusitis in cystic fibrosis.Academic Article Why?
Stakeholder ParticipationConcept Why?
Needs and Barriers of Teen Mothers in Rural Eastern Uganda: Stakeholders' Perceptions Regarding Maternal/Child Nutrition and Health.Academic Article Why?
Designing the relational team development intervention to improve management of mental health in primary care using iterative stakeholder engagement.Academic Article Why?
Research Priorities in Post-acute and Long-term Care: Results of a Stakeholder Needs Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Surgical decision-making in infants with suspected UPJ obstruction: stakeholder perspectives.Academic Article Why?
Adapting a Nutrition Education Curriculum for Spanish-Speaking Adults Experiencing Low-Income: Recommendations from Key Stakeholders.Academic Article Why?
Barriers to Pretransplant Immunization: A Qualitative Interview Study of Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant Stakeholders.Academic Article Why?
Medicine shortages in Fiji: A qualitative exploration of stakeholders' views.Academic Article Why?
Understanding professional stakeholders' active resistance to guideline implementation: The case of Canadian breast screening guidelines.Academic Article Why?
"It Makes People Uneasy, but It's Necessary. #BTSM": Using Twitter to Explore Advance Care Planning among Brain Tumor Stakeholders.Academic Article Why?
Barriers and Opportunities to Advancing Women in Leadership Roles in Vector Control: Perspectives from a Stakeholder Survey.Academic Article Why?
Stakeholder Engagement in the Translation of a Hypertension Control Program to Guatemala's Public Primary Health Care System: Lessons Learned, Challenges, and Opportunities.Academic Article Why?
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