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Neeves, KeithPerson Why?
Dumont, LarryPerson Why?
Silliman, ChristopherPerson Why?
Davizon-Castillo, PavelPerson Why?
Mathias, RasikaPerson Why?
Female platelets have distinct functional activity compared with male platelets: Implications in transfusion practice and treatment of trauma-induced coagulopathy.Academic Article Why?
Blood Platelet DisordersConcept Why?
Blood PlateletsConcept Why?
Frozen platelets.Academic Article Why?
Human platelets as a platform to monitor metabolic biomarkers using stable isotopes and LC-MS.Academic Article Why?
Molecular and functional characteristics of megakaryocytes and platelets in aging.Academic Article Why?
The human platelet fibrinogen receptor: clinical and therapeutic significance.Academic Article Why?
Bonaca, MarcPerson Why?
Platelet activation contributes to hypoxia-induced inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Encapsulated platelets in cast hydrogels (EPIC) to measure single platelet structure-function relationships in old ageGrant Why?
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