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Kieft, JeffreyPerson Why?
Barton, DavidPerson Why?
Assessment of viral RNA in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis using RNA-seq.Academic Article Why?
Development of tools for structural genomics of viral RNAGrant Why?
A viral RNA competitively inhibits the antiviral endoribonuclease domain of RNase L.Academic Article Why?
Viral RNA structure-based strategies to manipulate translation.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of viral RNA maturation by co-opting cellular exonucleasesGrant Why?
RNA, ViralConcept Why?
De novo initiation of viral RNA-dependent RNA synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Multi-domain packing in the aminoacylatable 3' end of a plant viral RNA.Academic Article Why?
Optimization of fragmentation conditions for microarray analysis of viral RNA.Academic Article Why?
Picornaviral polymerase domain exchanges reveal a modular basis for distinct biochemical activities of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerases.Academic Article Why?
Picornavirus RNA polyadenylation by 3D(pol), the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.Academic Article Why?
Tethering ribozymes to a retroviral packaging signal for destruction of viral RNA.Academic Article Why?
Kempf, BrianPerson Why?
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