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Seals, DouglasPerson Why?
DeSouza, ChristopherPerson Why?
Moreau, KerriePerson Why?
Nowak, KristenPerson Why?
Endothelium, VascularConcept Why?
Johnson, RichardPerson Why?
Activation of human vascular endothelium in melanoma metastases induces ICAM-1 and E-selectin expression and results in increased infiltration with effector lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
Tuder, RubinPerson Why?
Stauffer, BrianPerson Why?
Resveratrol for primary prevention of atherosclerosis: clinical trial evidence for improved gene expression in vascular endothelium.Academic Article Why?
The Vascular Endothelium in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Novel Target for Aerobic Exercise.Academic Article Why?
Chonchol, MichelPerson Why?
Colgan, SeanPerson Why?
High-Throughput Screening of Vascular Endothelium-Destructive or Protective Microenvironments: Cooperative Actions of Extracellular Matrix Composition, Stiffness, and Structure.Academic Article Why?
Janus face of vascular endothelial growth factor: the obligatory survival factor for lung vascular endothelium controls precapillary artery remodeling in severe pulmonary hypertension.Academic Article Why?
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