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The Influence of Team Functioning and Workload on Sustainability of Trauma-Focused Evidence-Based Psychotherapies.Academic Article Why?
Resident workload, pager communications, and quality of care.Academic Article Why?
Beyond caseload: What workload studies can tell us about enduring issues in the workplaceAcademic Article Why?
WorkloadConcept Why?
Adults With Asthma Experience No Increase in Asthma-related Exacerbations When Digital Communication Technology Tools Are Employed to Offset Provider Workload: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
Baugh, ChristinePerson Why?
Advanced Practice Providers' Perceptions of Patient Workload: Results of a Multi-Institutional Survey.Academic Article Why?
The Association of Team-Specific Workload and Staffing with Odds of Burnout Among VA Primary Care Team Members.Academic Article Why?
Welton, JohnPerson Why?
Interaction between body size and cardiac workload: influence on left ventricular mass during body growth and adulthood.Academic Article Why?
The role of wall shear stress in the assessment of right ventricle hydraulic workload.Academic Article Why?
Assessing the cognitive and work load of an inpatient safety dashboard in the context of opioid management.Academic Article Why?
Beyond just the operating room: characterizing the complete caseload of a tertiary acute care surgery service.Academic Article Why?
COVID-19: a heavy toll on health-care workers.Academic Article Why?
General surgery residents' views on work hours regulations.Academic Article Why?
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