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Bayesian deep learning for single-cell analysis.Academic Article Why?
High-Parameter Single-Cell Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Single cell analysis/data handling: general discussion.Academic Article Why?
Thymic iNKT single cell analyses unmask the common developmental program of mouse innate T cells.Academic Article Why?
Single cell analysis of virus and host gene expression in gammaherpesvirus infectionGrant Why?
Single-Cell AnalysisConcept Why?
Fu, RuiPerson Why?
Single cell analysis reveals multiple requirements for zinc in the mammalian cell cycle.Academic Article Why?
Hesselberth, JayPerson Why?
Riemondy, KentPerson Why?
Single cell analysis of host response to helminth infection reveals the clonal breadth, heterogeneity, and tissue-specific programming of the responding CD4+ T cell repertoire.Academic Article Why?
Greene, CaseyPerson Why?
Single-Cell Analysis of CD4 T Cells in Type 1 Diabetes: From Mouse to Man, How to Perform Mechanistic Studies.Academic Article Why?
Single-Cell Analysis of the Liver Epithelium Reveals Dynamic Heterogeneity and an Essential Role for YAP in Homeostasis and Regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Single cell analysis of calcium mobilization in anti-immunoglobulin-stimulated B lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
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